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WOW! BEST. YEAR. EV-ER! Thanks to Randy I have an amazing career, I’m making really good money, I drive a Lexus RCF and here’s the best part: I’m volunteering in Thailand at an elephant rescue in March because I really think that you should do something that you’ve never done before at least once a year. You know that saying, “Do something that scares you?” Last year it was an art retreat in Santa Rosa, this year I’m going to Thailand by myself, with a group of people to volunteer at an elephant rescue. I adore Randy, he changed my life! 

Nothing short of life-changing!...

Nothing short of life-changing!...

-Brian R Fulsher

I am much more hopeful and lighter in terms of emotional baggage and worry. I feel so different, more free and playful. I feel like my authentic self and it has been a long time since I have felt that way! He has changed how I think about myself and others. I know how I want to be present in this world! I was skeptical at first, wondering, is it worth it? Is it worth the money and time investment? I am here to tell you…….just go for it! What I have received and learned in just three sessions has been nothing short of life changing and I’m now excited to see what my future holds!
One of the biggest gifts of my life...

One of the biggest gifts of my life...


I was able to see my entire life in a new light, one that makes me appreciate every single thing I’ve lived through. Truly. And for that, I will be forever grateful to Randy. That was one of the biggest gifts of my life. I’ve learned to see my past in a new light. I now have the ability to see discomfort and pain as an opportunity to get healthy and strong! Randy can take what he sees, crystalize what that is in relatable language, and then help us figure out what’s holding us back and what will propel us. My twenty plus years in therapy never got me anywhere close to where Randy got me in just a few sessions. His abilities are remarkable to say the least.

He is empathic and brilliant and kind and compassionate...

-Camille Aveni

In working towards living a more conscious life, Randy has taught me how to reduce my anxiety and feel more fulfillment and joy. I’ve learned skills that I can use literally anywhere (in my car, at my desk, in the shower, in a meeting) to calm my mind and bring me back into my body. I’ve learned that the body doesn’t know time so I can still think that I’m experiencing a trauma from years back. I would say RUN – DON’T WALK. Randy is a gift to the world. He is empathic and brilliant and kind and compassionate. He is encouraging and so incredibly bright. I feel as though he truly reads my mind. I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

His techniques refocused my energy...

Eduardo Araiza Moreno

I was uncomfortable to accept leadership roles or step into positions of power related to my work and experience. The best gift I received during my coaching is the ability to think about time in a way where I could still get all of my work done and be fully present without feeling tired and rushed. His techniques refocused my energy and, in return, I feel confident seeing myself as he and others see me. Having this confidence allowed for me to step into new leadership roles and consider additional opportunities like public speaking.

Randy genuinely cares and you will get results...


I never played big around career. I was afraid of challenging myself to do more.
I’ve learned to identify old patterns, comfort zones, and old conditioning. When I start to feel small or insignificant, I remind myself—that, is not ME. I am strong, smart, intelligent and loved. My relationship with my boss got better and going to work everyday was no longer unpleasant. Randy genuinely cares about people and you WILL get results! I’d always feel that he was right there with me and felt what I was going through, helping to put things back in perspective. I always ended feeling amazing!

About Me

I’ve been working with people for over a decade, helping them live better lives, reach new levels of success and find lasting happiness. I’m not just a coach. Or a strategist. I’m a passionate practitioner of Change and Result. I help you get out of your own way and infuse your life with purpose and passion.

Randy says that there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone realize how truly special they are.  He enjoys working with clients from all over the world.

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