I know from past experience, that January can be a really exciting time of progress and growth, or … incredibly frustrating if your dreams slip to the wayside yet again. So, today, I’m bringing you 3 mistakes that sabotage your 2019 goals and the solutions that will help give you that breakthrough you deserve! PLEASE READ BELOW. I PROMISE THIS WILL HELP YOU!

MISTAKE: #1: You have the WMF (Wrong Motivating Factor)

If you have a goal but the motivating factor you are using to get it doesn’t motivate you then: “Houston, we’ve got a problem!” If you want to make more money, but the small green rectangular piece of paper that money is printed on doesn’t actually motivate you, it won’t drive you enough to meet your money goals.

Solution #1: Switch to a PMF or EMF (Purposeful Motivating Factor or Emotional Motivating Factor)

Find what the purpose is attached to your goal. The purpose is why you really want to achieve the goal(s) you have. Using the same example, you don’t want money because you are a collector and just want to display it around your house for your family and guests to look at. (Unless you really like presidents and pyramids with eyes!) You want more money likely because of experiences you want to have such as travel and using it to make memories. It might be because you would feel more safe, less stressed and more generous so you can give more. That is a stronger purpose and emotional connection to drive your actions and commitments so you can feel more motivated.

MISTAKE #2: Lack of Strategy

Maybe you have healthy eating or exercise goals for 2019 that you want to hit. (I have some of these myself for 2019!) But if you haven’t come up with a strategy to accomplish how you are going to do this and just trust that you will make the time (that you probably have complained about not having) or find the motivation to hit the gym just because it’s 2019 and you vowed you would, this  might not be enough to keep you on track.

Solution #2: Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.

If you are serious about your goals, then they deserve a little careful consideration, don’t they? Come up with a strategy, either daily or weekly, to help you meet your goals. Make it easy, simple, doable. The more wins you have, even if tiny, the more likely you are to keep going. Let’s be honest, you like winning as much as I do. And research shows how important this is for your psyche and ability to stay motivated.

MISTAKE: #3: Doing it Solo

Staying accountable and motivated can be tough. Being accountable only to yourself is problematic much of the time because your mind can find many excuses and talk you out of staying committed and focused. After all, we live in the age of distraction.

Solution #3: Find Support. Get a partner. Join a group. Ask for help.

In the not so distant past, we lived in tribes. We each had jobs. We depended on each other. This spawned the saying, “It takes a village.” Because….well, it took a village! Some amazing things were accomplished by villages. Your goals deserve support. 

If you’re reading this and know you could use some support applying these tools in a fun environment with me at your side, go check out my 6-month online program: The Freedom BlueprintI will personally coach you and help you stay consistent. In my “online village,” some incredible things happen!