Acceptance is a beautiful concept.

Accept the moment.

Accept what is.

Accept what was, because you cannot move forward if you don’t accept what was (this is a very big one where people tend to get stuck and unable to move forward).


But what about non-acceptance?

What about the times you can change, you want to change, you yearn for change?

Those are the moments where non-acceptance comes in and gets you right into action.


When you want change, ask yourself:

Have I been accepting for too long and as a result, haven’t taken the necessary action?


Think about areas such as:

  • Health goals
  • Financial situations etc


Ask yourself if you have been settling in any of these areas because you may have thought it’s too hard to change, takes too much effort, not enough time, too old, or anything else that stops you from moving forward and just accepting where you are at.

How do you know when to accept vs when to practice non-acceptance and come forward in your life to change your situation?

I’m answering this question today in a video I made for you below!