In high school, I gauged myself by comparing to others wondering “am I… as smart as everyone in my class?” “Am I… as tall as that guy, as mean as that one, as vibrant and energetic as she is? The list went on as the search continued to define myself.
The am I question, in and of itself, is a really dangerous one. It can make your day as sunny as you have ever noticed it to be, or as dark as a stormy Seattle afternoon. It almost seems as if the statement itself begs for permission.
Have you ever asked another or yourself, am I ______?
The most common widespread question that I hear as a life coach is an underlying question of self…Am I enough?
So many times in my life, I have not felt that I am enough. Even more, I couldn’t even tell you what enough was. I had an idea, “oh if only this happened, then I would feel good enough.” This thought was fleeting because once I attained that very thing, I still found myself wanting something else. It was always something external to fill an internal void. Even in wanting to truly know who I was could be external in that I am not in the present, being who I am.

The words, am I enough, are two sides of the very same coin. Turn the words around and they read I am enough. One is a question, one a powerful statement. I am statements can be very powerful and very decreeing.

Twenty times a day people ask how you are doing. How do you answer?

Many times I say “I am great, thank you.”
What is enough?
Enough is when I don’t have to attach anything to it, and I can say, smiling… I AM!