I am sitting down thinking of what I would like to write and the word image popped up.  I’m thinking, great, image of what?  Am I supposed to write about mental imaging and how that can really help to show where one wants to be and how to get there using an image?

Then the answer came and it was something a little closer to home and more personal.  The image of self.

I was born and raised in the capitol of image and stressed the importance of it.  Yes, Hollywood!  Los Angeles where there are billboards everywhere portraying an external image whether it is alcohol, fancy cars or suggestions of a certain life style.  I can honestly say that growing up around this sort of thing where there is so much emphasis on what you have or what you look like does not leave much room for an internal importance and focus on internal life.  Yet, it’s there. No matter how much money you have or don’t have, what you look like or how your life looks on the outside, you still have to go to bed at night in your body with yourself.  In the morning, that mirror still beckons and upon closer look there is a world inside just waiting to be discovered.

We  live in a society of more, bigger, better.  It is very hard then to feel that who you are and what you have is enough.  DO YOU FEEL THAT WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IS ENOUGH?  DO YOU FEEL RICH; ABUNDANT WITH THE STRENGTHS AND SPECIALNESS YOU POSSESS?

If your answer is no, do not worry.  You are joined by 90% of most people in this country.

If there is worry or concern about how others may perceive you or judge you, l e t  i t  g o! You can say to yourself, “I am not here for the opinion of others, I am here for me. This is my life and I am choosing to live it in the way that makes me happy and brings me joy.”

The more power and the more focus you give things outside of you, the bigger and more consuming they become…in contrast making yourself smaller.

The only image that matters in terms of perception is how you see yourself.  I wonder what kind of human beings we would be if this is what we were taught.  If we were shown how to appreciate ourselves and matter to ourselves instead of needing to look a certain way and please all the other people around us.

You cannot change what has happened in the past…but you can absolutely change what happens from this point forward.

Nurture your inner world with love, kindness, abundance and acceptance.  If you are not happy with the image you currently hold of yourself, change the image in your mind to what you want to see and then let yourself act from the image you have created in your mind.

Things are starting to shift from outside to inside and it is time to find the light that shines with in instead of searching for a reflection that doesn’t even exist with out…