I am hoping this finds you well and having an enjoyable summer. I wanted to ask you a few questions or rather maybe you can read these and ask yourself…

1) What does it mean to you to be “in the flow” in life?

2) Are you “in flow” lately in your life?

3) Can you remember a time that you felt “in flow”? How did you feel?

4) Would you like to be “in flow” as you navigate the rapids of life?

Life is a river. It can be fun, exciting and free or it can be treacherous; feeling as though you are expending all of your energy swimming against the current. I work with people in identifying what rocks, pit falls and blocks are in the way and then how to gently and gracefully navigate yourself around them. This allows for a fun, compelling and surprising ride into freedom.

I have felt many times before that I am in a river that is carrying me way too fast and as a result, felt out of control. I spent so much time fighting against the current and resisting what was that it
exhausted me, depleting me of my much needed energy and strength.
Once I was able to center myself and use the necessary tools, the class 5 river suddenly turned into a lazy river! Suddenly, I was floating! I became aware of what a beautiful day it was and enjoyed how the water felt beneath me. Very different from fighting, kicking, and treading water only to feel as if I was drowning.

The river itself, the rocks in it and the falls all exist; that is constant. That is life.
However, your approach, perspective, calmness, inner strength and sense of self is what makes the ride either pleasant or unbearable.

Many people say that when they are “In the Flow” they feel like anything is possible. They feel things just seem to fit into place with ease. Have you ever felt this way? It is as if you feel your purpose and place in the universe. An inner presence and awareness most often ensues once we are in flow with life and most importantly, our selves.
I invite you to be in your own flow this month and appreciate all of the beauty that the river has to offer. Remember, the more you relax into it and use your tools, the easier and more fun the river becomes.

If anyone needs help navigating their own river, as we all do sometimes, please feel free to contact me through email. You can also set up a free consultation for individual or group sessions.

May your August be flowing with abundance and joy!