What is your immediate response to this question?

one more…

Would you like to become highly intuitive?

The answer to the first question is YES! No matter what you may think, you are intuitive.  We all are.  I find too often that we have lost this sense of intuition with quick answers, internet, tv, media, etc….  Now is the time to start believing that we all have the answers we need within us.  We are always being guided.  Always. Question is…Are we listening?

I coach people all over the world and this is very common, no matter where they might be from.  I find that people want to trust themselves more.  They want to feel assured that they are doing the right thing.  That they are on the right path.  Of course, if we feel lost along the way, we ask for directions.  That’s where I come in. I am here to give direction so that you may find your way more easily and know where you are going.  The good news is….everybody has this!  I have not met a coaching client who doesn’t possess their own answers within or the ability to become highly intuitive.  The difference is, they do not believe that they have their answers within.

All it takes is a little fun, a lot of trust and a sense of exploration.  Easy recipe to follow right?

Try this out for yourself and see what I mean.

When needing an answer to a question, quiet the mind, ask your question and give the first answer that comes to you no matter what it is.  Wait for the whole question you are asking as if you were asking someone else and then immediately answer either out loud or with the voice within you.  Trust that is your answer.  Ask your heart, not your head.    (any problems with this, write me for more help or explanation)

Next blog will be 3-5 helpful hints on how to further access your own information.

Stay tuned……into yourself 🙂