I just read that at the age of 72, Barry Manilow came out as being gay. I’m happy for him that he didn’t have to spend any more time not living his truth. His story inspired me and prompted a question:

Where in my life have I not come out?

“Coming out” is a term that is now, most associated with “coming out of the closet as being gay.” In other words, not hiding anymore. I took his action as a personal call to action:

To not hide anymore. To not stay in the closet and hide from the world seeing me exactly as I am.

A sensitive, intuitive, empathic, and mostly-in-touch-with-his-emotions kind of guy. This is how I was born, and it was tough growing up being a man and also being in touch with my feminine energy. I’ve learned to accept that I have a balance of masculine and feminine energy. I hid these parts of me for years because this wasn’t necessarily the norm or how boys were. When we were little, we were supposed to think the opposite sex was “yucky.” I didn’t! I loved girls! I had girlfriends all through elementary school. I could relate to them and never saw such a huge divide or separation. Here is the beautiful thing, I’ve realized recently, my perceived weakness I hid for so long, is my strength and superpower!

I’ve worked with many wonderful sensitive, empathic men (and of course women) to help them realize their path to success…and live their purpose.

You’d be surprised to know how much emphasis is placed on “positioning” in many different industries. Have to be an expert. Have to be perfect. Have to have your life all figured out. But, it’s not true. You wouldn’t believe how many professionals come to me as clients, being recognized one way, but unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and unhappy.

That’s because they haven’t come out of their own closet, sharing their true selves with the world. This eats people up. It stops them from growing in all the ways they want to grow in. It impedes the flow of money, cash, love, connection. And a big one, self-love. So, here’s my invitation to you:

What have you been hiding from the world? What have you been scared for the world to see?

I commend Barry for coming out at 72, a true inspiration and model that it is never too late!

But please, please don’t wait till the third trimester of your life to “come out” in your own way. Coming out = freedom. We all want more freedom, don’t we?

If you don’t come out and share your inner gifts—your most special nuances with the world—you might be missing your mission and purpose in life.

Two of Barry Manilow’s songs come to mind, “Ready to Take a Chance Again?”


If you do it, “Could be a Miracle.”

Maybe even the one you’ve been hoping for.