I am writing today about I AM. I am choosing this topic because I see too many people say, think, feel and believe that they are not something as opposed to what they are. I see this with clients all the time. They are striving for something, they focus on what they are not doing or what they can’t do and then get defeated.
Turning that around to focus on what they can do and what they are doing, perpetuates continual motion into what it is they are wanting. In some cases, it can happen instantly.

As human beings, we are taught in society to compare ourselves. We are always in search of the best. That in and of itself is not a bad thing if there wasn’t so much competition involved. By proxy, if someone or something is the best, something else has to be less.

How often does this show up in your life? Are there times that you think “I can’t do that as well as that person and then you don’t even try?” Are there any “I am not good enough” thoughts that run inside your head?

It is my experience that a high percentage of people do have these thoughts running consciously or unconsciously in their head like a broken record.

Do you want to shift this? Do you want to put your needle on a new song? If you are tired of hearing the same thing over and over and feeling that it is not serving you, then read on…

1) Eliminate from your vocabulary, I am not _________.
2) Switch your vocabulary to I AM ____________.

Play with that right now. Say to yourself, I AM and fill in the blank with something that you are. If it is something you feel you are not, that is the time to say it louder!!
We have lived on this planet long enough belittling ourselves as well as others. We have put each other, especially ourselves down too much. Now is the time to say what you are and be proud of that. Feel it. Trust it. You can fill in the blank with anything you want even something you consider tiny.

Do you want abundance? Say I AM abundant. Believe you are abundance in all facets.
Do you want success? Say I AM successful. Believe that you already are that which you aspire to be. Wanting to be something puts it outside of you. Saying you are something brings that which is inside of you into your reality.

I would love to hear feedback on how this goes. I AM excited to hear!