Take a GIANT Leap Forward in Your Business!
Book Your Private One-on-One Strategy Retreat in Portland with Randy!

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Finding it hard to be present and enjoy running your business? Getting sick of the all-hustle and no break cycle? Are you ready to have more fun and see more financial growth in your business?
Then it’s time to book your private 2-Day Business Strategy Retreat with Randy and radically transform your relationship with your business. 


2 days in iconic Portland, OR with Randy as you take a step back from your business. Reflect on what’s working and what you can eliminate from your workload. Receive intuitive business strategy coaching from Randy personalized to you, your industry, and your unique business! Enjoy a refreshing break from the grind and indulge in some exploration and playtime too! Perfect for entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, artists, and small business owners ready to expand their reach (and their revenue!).

  •  Take a break from your normal patterns and environment
  •  Receive a mega dose of 1:1 support from Randy to boost your confidence and belief 
  •  Fall in love with your business (purpose) again so you can inject that enthusiasm back into your business.  
  •  Lay out a 6-12 month plan for a high-level growth strategy
  •  Enjoy sustained momentum long after you return home with clarity and direction!
  •  See your income grow in response to your new strategy and personal alignment!
  •  You are feeling stressed, anxious, and need a pause / time-out in your business.
  •  You are tired of being underpaid for your services and are ready to claim your worth. 
  •  You want an immersive experience that lets you make deep, lasting positive change in you and your business. 
  •  You’re ready to take concepts you believe in like mindfulness, creativity, presence, happiness, and service and actually use them in your business so work is fun and financially liberating!
  •  You need a radical shift, and fast! 
  •  You’ve been wanting an excuse to get away, and can write this off workshop off as a tax-deduction in your business!
  •  Your long-term “Business Alignment Strategy”
  •  Your short-term “Income Booster Plan”
  •  A deeper connection to yourself so that doing business is a natural extension of who you ARE. 
  •  A revitalized vision for your business and a clear picture of where you are going with it! 
  • Creating a SM strategy that FITS with you and your market!
  • Create a message that connects you and your tribe and creates organic sales.
  • Build a long-term sustainable business strategy to jumpstart your progress
  • Discover “quick cash” strategies to boost your business revenue NOW (without being “salesy” or weird!)
In addition to coming up with your personal business strategy and implementing it while you are here, we will also take time to rest and explore Portland!

Options include:
  • Excursions - to the OR Coast, Multnomah Falls, or mystical Forest Park 
  • Food - take a cooking class, enjoy local food carts, or experience dining at a local’s favorite restaurant
  • Healing - enjoy a sound bath, yoga class, meditation training, or try a new healing modality
  • Other - the sky's the limit in crafting your time with Randy! He will work with your requests to create a one-of-a-kind experience for you.
1 45 Min KickOff Call w/ Randy prior to your VIP Day! ($500 value)
1 45 Min Closure Call w/ Randy after you return from your VIP DAYS! ($500 value)

Application only. Limited seating for these sessions.
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