This week, I saw an Instagram post by Nell and Tish of @Twinpowerment, where they shared the 10 ten areas of life we feel the most stress and I wanted to share it with you.

Can you relate to any of these?


  1. Work
  2. Family Death or Death of a Loved One
  3. Moving: physically relocating from one place to another
  4. Relationship Drama: lovers, parents, kids, friends….
  5. Money
  6. Time + Responsibility: too much to do in too little time
  7. Trauma: abuse, deep emotional wounds, natural disasters…
  8. Sickness: you or a loved one squaring off with a major illness
  9. Marriage and Children: profound commitments and adding people to your inner circle
  10. Personal Inner Challenges: self-esteem, depression, addiction, confidence…

What a list, right?!

The areas of my life that stress targets are 1, 4, & 6.

Where do you see stress showing up in your life?

Identifying where anxiety is stealing your power is the first step in making positive changes for a more calm and centered life.

The next step is to ask yourself, “What am I believing that is causing this feeling of stress?” 

It all comes back to what you tell yourself is TRUE and if something is stressing you out, it’s because you’ve got a hidden belief that honestly….isn’t true. Your emotional guidance system is alerting you that something is “off” by giving you those stressed out feelings so you can change things up!

What a relief! Stress is just a “check engine” light on our dashboard letting us know that we need to adjust something. 

An example of this might be:

If you are worried about money you think, “I can’t seem make enough money.” That’s a pretty stressful thought, right? Well, that’s because in the big picture, it’s not true.

Ask yourself is that really true? Or is this just a temporary experience that I’m going through?

Here’s the flip-side of this belief that removes the worry: 

“I’ve made money in the past in order for me to be here today. Money comes to me in surprising and unexpected ways. Money is an endless resource that I choose to tap into. I’m getting better at making money every day! All of my needs are always met. Everything always works out for me!” 

SO much more peaceful!

And now that you are thinking in expanded, positive terms, opportunities and options will appear to you that were previously hidden by the effects of stress. Make sense?

If you’re thinking, “Randy, I’ve tried this and other stress management techniques before and nothing seems to work in the long term!” it’s time to go deeper. There is always some other unacknowledged element that is keeping you stressed.

Drop me a comment or send me a message if this is you and you’re ready to remove the root cause of your stress.

Stress doesn’t own you and doesn’t have to keep ruling your life. You can break free! I’ve done it, and helped many others do the same. So can you!