Relationships are our biggest teachers and our clearest mirrors reflecting exactly what we need to see about ourselves. If you desire to build a new or better relationship, it’s important to know that a relationship is a living, breathing organism that takes constant dancing to find the right rhythm. Since Valentine’s day is peaking around the corner, I wanted to address this time of year in the month of Aquarius as a new beginning; a deeper sense of self as well as a more whole understanding of love. You may know by now that my message usually points to the self. Everything that we want outwardly we can find within ourselves. This time around Saint Valentine’s is no different. The deeper we can love ourselves and grow from the inside out, the richer and more electric our relationships become. I hope you consider getting yourself a box of chocolates! Now…

Let’s Talk Relationship

Because I provide relationship coaching for couples as well as people in other types of relationships, I was asked by the KATU Portland Morning Show to give some relationship pointers (what with Valentine’s Day being just around the corner!).

The segment I did for the show was quick, but I got to share some fun tips that I hope you find helpful in building a new or better relationship. I was able to touch on a few concepts, but given my time on the show, I just scratched the surface of what is possible. If you liked to learn more, you can check out my  book, “Unlimiting You”.  The release date is March 16th, but you can pre-order it now here.

And for an even more personal touch, I offer Life Coaching by phone or Skype anywhere in the world. I also do in person Life Coaching in Portland, OR.

Enjoy the video!