There are choices that I make all throughout my day.  Some I am aware of and some slip by without even realizing it what a choice.  We have thousands of choices that we make everyday. Everything we do is a choice.  Most of the daily things that we do are so engrained and programed in us that we don’t even realize that it is a choice we are making.

Brushing our teeth, washing our hands, what food we eat, many different conversations throughout our day, making our bed, not making our bed, washing dishes, going to work.  All of these are choices that we actually make.

The question is, are you aware that you are making these choices?  Choices that are made unconsciously tend to make us feel as if we “have to do something.”  For instance, I have to go to work today.  That seems as though that is something that has to be done.  However, it is not.  Why are you choosing to go into work?  What are the consequences if you do not?  Shifting the way you look at something that may otherwise seem like a chore can change the way you approach that which you are choosing to do.

Instead of saying, “ugh, I have to clean the house today” approach the cleaning as a choice that you are consciously stepping into.  “I am choosing to clean my house today so I can feel more at peace in my own place.”  “I will feel great when I am sitting in a clean house.”  You can absolutely choose to not clean your house either, it is up to you.

I have really worked with this a whole much and this is one of the most alchemic exercises that I utilize all the time.  I notice that something is off when I feel that I have to do something.  Questioning why I have to do it and asking myself quite simply “what is it I am choosing to do here” makes all the difference.

This can also apply to relationships that you have.  How do you show up in the relationship?  Do you feel you have to show up a certain way?  Do you realize that you have a choice with the way you show up?  When you consciously make a choice and walk into a situation aware of what you are doing, this is when acceptance can truly come. Acceptance of yourself and other people.

Anytime you have choice, you have freedom.  I greatly dislike math unless it is simple.  So, a simple equation is…

you + choice = freedom.

Here is a video from Bruce Lipton I thought was really interesting