I know it is not about winning or losing, but let’s get real. Don’t we all really want to win? A game of horseshoes, basketball, or monopoly might be fine to lose at and not get discouraged. But what about your business? Your relationships? Your financial state? Self-growth? The things you pour your heart into and still come up short of where you want to be? Wouldn’t it be amazing to celebrate a nice, big WIN?

Whether winning or losing, both are opportunities for growth. Often, growth and forward momentum are both waiting just on the other side of your struggle. But how do we create a win in our lives? To win, we must grow: ourselves, our businesses, our relationships.

I have had my fair share of wins and losses. Both are equally powerful from a growth standpoint. But there is nothing like the feeling of working towards a goal, spending time and energy to shift something big, and then having that come to fruition. It is every person’s proverbial self-accomplishment of creating fire in the woods moment.

This type of winning is NOT about playing against others. It IS about learning and mastering the art of life. Yes, there is an art to life! Have you ever met someone who seemed to have figured out the art of living? They masterfully move through their days as if they hold a wise, deep secret of the ages that you haven’t been privy to.

Would you like to feel that every day holds the potential for you to win? That you can navigate what happens in life as a skilled weaver who is magically taking everything they are given to make a masterpiece?

I want to help you create your win, your masterpiece. When you win, I win! There are few things more rewarding than helping someone achieve the things they want for themselves and to live in a more artful and skilled way, or what I like to call—Being In Flow.

Anyone who is ready to make some gigantic leaps in their professional or personal lives, here is your invitation:

I only have 4 spaces left for new private coaching clients before I am completely full for the next period. I wanted to offer this to you first, since you have been on my list and part of my inner tribe. I am going to do something I rarely do and offer a $300 discount so more applicants can have a chance to Be In The Flow of their own lives.

For me, it is not about finding just any clients. It is about finding the right type of clients who will embody what it means to be in flow and go on to realize their potential to affect others. If you are ready to create a win in your life, it’s time to get serious. This is a call to all serious people who want to become winners, leaders, and change makers. If you are ready to take yourself to the next level, contact me to secure your chance for one of the spots.

To apply, tell me about yourself, what sort of win you are looking to create, and anything else you want to share. (Hint: I love hearing real stories from your heart and a little humor!)

For those of you who want coaching at highly discounted prices, joining group coaching can be an incredible way to stay accountable and make the changes you want to make while also tending to a tight budget. Groups start every 3 months and there is one starting soon! I’ve witnessed some amazing successes and I would be honored to witness yours. Contact me today to get started.

Here is to achieving that which brings you the utmost fulfillment and happiness!

Live your dream,