Change is something that is always happening with you, outside of you, around you and most importantly, inside of you. Change is the one of the only things that is constant. Since the beginning of time, we as human beings have always adapted to the changing conditions around us. Seasons, food supply, environment, weather, battles etc… This is an amazing example of Darwinism at its finest. Our ability to evolve, grow and yes, change.

What has been interesting is that we see and notice changes all around us. Gas prices, someone else’s mood, how different some one looks, what another has done with their make-up, hair, clothes etc… What may be overlooked are the changes happening with in ourselves. You are changing every minute of every day. Look back 6 months ago. Do you see any growth from the way you might handle a situation? The way that you deal with someone in your family? Your outlook on life, positive or negative?

It is vital to become aware of these changes happening because no matter what, you are growing! It is easy to get caught up in the drama and product of what is transpiring, but it is the way in which we look at things that determine if something is “bad” or “good.” Once you give something a name and label it “bad,” how much more charge does the situation now have on it?

Even something that you perceive as “bad” happens for a reason. Every reason might vary and be different, depending on the person. What is exactly the same is that it is an opportunity for growth. We create situations to come up, or things “happen” for you to evolve yourself in some way. You might say “what do you mean WE create these things?” You and your higher power are working together and making things happen. Therefore, the power is yours! Do not take power away from yourself. You absolutely have the power to manifest what you want. Now, it might not be exactly what you want and how you exactly envisioned it, but it will arise in some shape or form.

Here is an exercise. Take a look back 6 months or a year ago. Think of a situation that troubled you or upset you. How do you look at it now? Have you changed? And if so, how? What have you learned from the situation and why do you think that particular thing came up FOR YOU? Try this and let me know what happens…it can be a fun and interesting experiment.

My intention for writing this is to point out that everything and everybody is always changing. Let’s give ourselves some credit and look at all the changes that we are making, not what is happening all around us. We CANNOT change anybody else. To try and do this is going to the hardware store for ice cream. It’s not going to happen! Knowing that you absolutely hold the power to change yourself, noticing your changes, feeling good about them and exuding confidence and joy WILL affect you and others around you. So no matter what is going on outside of you, you be the balance to hold be the peace within.