Not sure why this subject/title presented itself but I guess I will find out.

Often times, I close my eyes and still myself waiting for a title or what a post will be about.  Sometimes I am intentional but most often I practice trust that what needs to come for others will come without having to know.

This is a good question though.  Does what you put out into the universe and what you give to others match what you are receiving from the universe and from others?  If not, there might be something out of alignment.

I have found that receiving can be harder for most people than giving.  Giving might be something that feels comfortable while receiving feels uncomfortable.  If this is the case, practicing receiving, whether it is a compliment, a nice gesture, etc…is extremely beneficial for receiving the gifts that you want from the universe.  The gifts that you deserve that are yours.  The gifts that are coming to you

I am hearing quite often these days that what people are perceiving is not matching up with what they would like to perceive.  If you see something you don’t like, change the picture, the image, the feeling inside to something you do like.  This is how energy gets shifted instantaneously.    In a world of instant gratification, I will take more of this please!  In the moment of seeing or experiencing something that doesn’t feel of your vibration, create a picture of what it is that does feel more in tune with what you want.  Keep this image in your mind and believe that what you are seeing or imagining is possible and can come to be otherwise you would not be able to imagine it.

This is how things shift globally, one person at a time.  It ‘s like a Happy Meal – I’ll take a few of those.  If everyone who ate at McDonald’s did this, Millions of people in one day would change the energy on the planet.  Wonder what the toy will be inside?!

The surprise gift is yours to find…