I hate FOMO.

And I’m going to tell you why.

Also, why it is important.

And a new upgrade for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


There are a few parts in here so bear with me and be patient.

“This once-in-a-lifetime offer will be gone by tomorrow!”

“Special pricing will only last through the end of the month!”

“Hey, did you hear the latest headline about Trump?”

“You’re never going to believe this….”

Let’s face it, we live in a very dramatic, sensational, FOMO world right now.

Every other title in the book store has “fuck” in it.

If you don’t have a shocking title of a book, subject line in your email, or first few words of your social post, it won’t get as high of an open or click rate.

It’s all about grabbing your attention.

And then playing on your fear of missing something.

God forbid we miss anything or we aren’t informed about the latest and greatest (many times, not so great!).

My inbox is full of marketers selling me something.

Telling me 24 hours and it’s gone. Screaming and trying to grab my attention.

This was everything I didn’t want to be as a business owner!!

In fact, I rebelled against this for years. “Nope. I don’t like it. Won’t do it. Not a salesman. That will NEVER BE ME!!”

I also struggled, trying to break a 6-figure income for years, not able to grow.

But still: “That won’t be me.”

I refuse to play on people’s fears and doubts.

Manipulating them with psychological tactics.


Studying human behavior for years, I noticed something: to really create change, you have to meet people where they are at.

This is why beautiful and deeply spiritual messages are buried in action-packed, big blockbuster movies.

People may not go see a small indie that is laden with message, but the masses will go see a movie with violence and guns. Where dark meets light and a protagonist overcomes one for the other.

Plain and simple: Meet people where they are at.

Then, lead the way toward change creating a new path (more on this in the next section!).

As I started really seeing the results that people got from working with me through private coaching, in groups, at talks, etc…I started to change my view of “selling.”

I am not, and never will be a salesman. I can’t just sell something to sell it.

I have to truly and authentically believe in it.

My heart is worn on my sleeve.

I will never talk anyone into something or take their money in any way if I feel I cannot help them (and that is a fact!).

But when I started seeing that people really needed this dramatic push, to “pull them out of hiding” so they could make the choice they deep down REALLY wanted to make in their life, I changed my perspective.

I found that when we want to do something new, we often “sit on the fence” and hesitate vs hopping the fence and committing!

This type of “selling” language ultimately served my clients.

YES! It actually helped some people sign up for one of my group programs.

It got them in the door. They stopped being tentative and TOOK ACTION!

Gave them an easier “yes.”

Once they were through the door, change really took hold and they were rewarded with so much excitement when they started….

  • meeting their goals
  • healing old wounds that held them back
  • enjoying more success or the success they already had
  • but got to define it in a new and improved way.

You can see how this is a struggle, right?!

Here is something I really don’t like.

And…it works.

Here is my one problem before I switch to the solution:

I can’t help but hold a higher vision for people. For humanity.

I was born with this quality and it’s ingrained in me.

I have the vision that for something to really change on this planet, we must change ourselves.

We must change how we do things.

How we react to situations.

The thoughts you have throughout your day and the actions you take (or the actions you may not be taking).

It’s time. FOR. AN. UPGRADE. No more FOMO.

You are not missing anything.

In fact, who am I to tell you that I know better than you what you will miss? I trust that you have an intact, fully functioning internal guidance system.

Okay, sometimes this system gets hijacked by our brains due to fear or anxiety or stress. But I do trust the equipment you have.

In fact, I want to send a ring to it to wake it up.

I’m here to remind you that you can create the life you want from a place of abundance.

Of wisdom. Of creativity and joy. That is not based out of fear or scarcity.

I have a course starting in 3 weeks that can help anyone and at any point on their journey. It’s called the Freedom Blueprint. It’s a powerhouse of a course, led by me teaching you and coaching you.

You get a TON of value and lifetime access to the info you will get.

This is my mention of it to you from a place of abundance. To create more of what you already have within you…now it’s time to bring it out of you.

I’d like to be a part of a new paradigm where a different part of ourselves will step up other than our fear, stress, and anxiety receptors that are on overdrive.

I’m transparently calling to you in a different way.

Not marketing, but calling.

Not selling, but sharing.

If this particular course doesn’t interest you, great!

But this idea of FOMO must change if we are going to evolve and upgrade ourselves as humans. Scarcity breads scarcity. Abundance breeds expansion.

Interested in more personal, emotional, financial, & mental freedom?

Click here.

Not interested? Totally fine!


Old FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) comes from a place of scarcity, fear, and lack.

NEW FOMO (The Fun of Manifesting Opportunities) is about seeing what you CAN HAVE in your life vs what you are missing out on.

Let’s stop focusing on what we are missing, and start asking: “What will I be gaining?”

This one perspective shift puts you back in the driver seat and can remind you that you CAN bring all the joy, wealth, mental free space, relationship bliss, or physical wellbeing you WANT into your life.

If I am selling anything, that’s it. That you aren’t missing out. And you CAN create the life you want from a place of power and space.

I’d love if you could share/forward/email the link if this idea of new FOMO impacted you. It’s a message I want people to know.

Write me back and let me know that you want to participate in your life in a more abundant mindset, not one of scarcity and fear.