For anyone who puts others before yourself. The ones who didn’t feel enough or that still feel they don’t get their fair share and others always come before them. I say this to you:



When? When in your life, at what age, or in what relationship did it become OK to make other people more important than you? To hand over your seniority or certainty? When was that?

Was there a squeaky wheel that demanded the attention? Was it that someone else was louder, seemingly more powerful or bigger than you so you said, “Ok I’m going to resign and they can get what they want and I’m just wont get what I want?”

Was it that you didn’t believe that you were deserving, loved or valued enough so you didn’t learn to take care of yourself because others didn’t take care of you in the way that you needed or wanted?

Listen, a line has to be drawn in the sand and it has to stop.

It has to fucking stop.

This pattern that you might still be perpetuating from early on that is based on an experience that is NOT THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE – it has to stop. So, listen to me carefully, if this holds resonance for you:


The stories that we’re all believing, putting other people first and sacrificing yourself. While that seems valiant and giving, it’s coming at a great detriment to you. It’s usurping your happiness, peace and power. Which has a direct correlation to what’s been manifesting in your life that you don’t like.

This is the body that you have. This is the space that you are allotted. This is the LIFE that you are living. Right now.

So you HAVE to draw that line in the sand and say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” And I don’t care if you have to curse as much as you want through the process.  I don’t care if you have to stomp your feet and say “ENOUGH!”

But whenever you catch yourself not taking care of yourself, it’s not OK. When you criticize or judge yourself. When you ignore your own needs, it’s like a parent who doesn’t take care of their crying baby. You would never see a baby that is totally helpless and go, “I’m just going to leave you and not take care of you.” You wouldn’t do it! Don’t do it to yourself.

So, I just have to get this out there in a strong enough way for you to remember: That it’s not OK ANYMORE. And…PLEASE STOP WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO FINALLY MAKE YOU FEEL ENOUGH. That person is not outside of you. IT IS YOU! 

With all of the abuse that has been coming to light in the last year or two, we must make sure that this abuse is not happening within. As above, so below. What is within, manifests without.


Enough is enough. Find the truth and become the one you’ve always been waiting for.