I sometimes ask myself why I am experiencing what I am.  There have been times in my life that I have scratched my head and asked, “why am I going through this?”  I know on some level this is my choice and my souls choosing but…why?    Have you been there before?

Today I am reminded of why certain things must be experienced.  One year ago, if someone were to describe to me what it was like having a child, I could relate as much as possible but it would only have ben a concept.  A rendered blue print if you will that is drawn up in the mind that tells me what it must be like but only a mental image.  There would be no experience and feeling in this image.  Now, that I have a child and get to experience the feelings and emotions, the good, the bad, the fun, the not so fun, all of it…I can bring this experience with me in a visceral way in all that I do.  I feel even more equipped to deal with other parents for now I have been there.  Now, I have walked the road and in similar shoes so I know how it feels.

There is always a reason why we experience what we do and there is always a reason why we choose to experience what we do.  Whether you know it now or not, your soul is in the drivers seat leading you to the fullest experience and expression of yourself that you have known.  I find that trying to climb in the drivers seat during these experiences only slows forward momentum and at times gets pretty jerky at best.  Being in the passenger seat and looking out at the trees, enjoying the music on the radio and feeling the wind in your hair…this makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

We may not know the final destination but knowing that we are choosing to go on this trip and enjoying how we get there may make the experience that much richer and more full.