So, I kind of fell off the wagon already with my 2019 goals! I tried to take a common goal-setting shortcut that crushed my progress. Read on and learn how to fail-proof your goals!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll give you a sneak peak into my life and show you what has worked well so far, and what I’ve already failed at this year and some tips you can learn from! The one thing I want you to remember: Failure (or not meeting your goal) is not a stopping point. It’s a blip on the journey of getting where you want to go.

Like everyone else in the new year, I have my own set of goals. Easy, right? I mean, after all, I help people each and every day reach their goals. Mine should be a piece of cake, right?!

Not exactly!

This is one of my 2019 goals: Meditate every morning and evening.

I was going strong for the first few days and I thought to myself, “I’ve got this!”

And then on night 5, I was busy on my phone. I had work emails to respond to, social media to get to and on top of that, I’m renovating a house so there are a million and one items to make decisions about (which means Mrs. Google and I have been having a little bit of an affair lately!).

It was late in the evening and by the time I was ready to go meditate, I felt exhausted.

Not to mention, I still had to research something on Google after I finished all of my work-related items.

Now, this scenario happens a lot. But somehow, I thought just because I set this goal and was determined, I wouldn’t give into the temptation.

W R O N G!

Mistake #1: I assumed that I would do something different, without really changing any habits or patterns.

Have you ever tried this shortcut and ended up failing at one of your goals too?

When morning came, I woke up crankier than normal. I think I was disappointed that I fell of the wagon so early! 5 days in! Come on, not me! I set high standards for myself. After all, this is what I do all day long. Well, it happened. I forgot one of my biggest lessons I teach people:

Willpower isn’t enough. Unless you have a specific strategy to achieve your goal, your old habits will probably keep you stuck.

My old habits didn’t shift because I didn’t do anything to change them. I didn’t have a strong strategy in place that set up my mind and environment for success.

After getting over my crankiness (and truthfully, getting over myself!), I knew what I needed to do. I needed a strategy, along with the right motivation to change my existing patterns.

Next day, I made a strategy:

  1. I set up my environment differently.
  2. I capped my nighttime routine so I have to be upstairs by 11:00pm
  3. And I worked on my motivating factor to get me to follow through on meditating morning and night. (Your motivating factor is the purpose and feeling you’re really after in your life that would make you do just about anything. It’s the “why” behind your goal that lights a fire under you.)

Now, I’m cruising along. It’s not always easy because the mind is a powerful thing. It tries to talk me out of doing what I want and know I need to do. It makes excuses. It tantalizes me with thoughts of the Google-abyss!

But now, I’m the one in control. The conscious part of me. The part of me that I connect with when I meditate. It can be a bit of tug-of-war, but my connection has won each time.

If you get the right strategy and motivation in place – you will become unstoppable in 2019!

And I want to help you get there!

I’ve created this program to help you do exactly that. To keep you consistent, to strengthen your mind and to become the one who is in charge – not old habits! To have courage, confidence, clarity and to expand your capacity to handle the big dreams that you have.

This is my strategy for YOU:


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