I often hear people say how busy life is and how there is not enough time to accomplish everything.

This perception cultivates imbalance. 

Focusing on how harried, rushed, and stressed your day is becomes the thing you are connected to. Just this past week I had nine different people—clients and random strangers—talk to me about how they feel out of balance. Through further discussion with them the word “disconnected” came up as a common sentiment.

That made me curious about the correlation between balance and connection. What I’ve discovered is that balance is an inner state of being. Even though most people want to find more balance in their lives, and they approach it from the perspective of how their life functions, it is really an internal feeling they are after.

For example, Laird Hamilton—reputedly the best big wave rider in the world—can catch the heaviest, most chaotic, human-swallowing wave in the ocean and feel balance inside that very moment. Yet, one can be sitting in absolute stillness for meditation and still feel out of balance and experience inner turmoil.

Philosophers, physicists, and mystics worldwide concur that we are always connected to each other, to the planet, and to a greater vibrational field on some level even when we are not aware of it. The demands of everyday life can overwhelm us, hanging over us like a cloud until we are no longer able to see beyond those feelings. We may even become so used to the cloud that we forget that the sun is there.

When we don’t feel our connection to ourselves, each other, and the universe, we reach for substitutes. This is how we end up perpetuating unconscious patterns, wrestling with addictions, or using imposters attempting to fill the void.
But the truth is that this feeling of connection is available at any given moment.

Pay attention to feelings, thoughts, and surroundings and stay open to messages you receive that reflect the truth of who you are: someone who is always connected.

These messages can come through people who show up “coincidentally,” or they can emerge as a sensation, thought, image, hunch—any aspect of our inner wisdom. We can find a connection with “All that Is” and, through that, find our place in the larger mystery of the cosmos.
Sadly, we often forget that we have this choice, and before we know it, we are heading down a path we may not want to travel.

For example, if I am not careful, I can allow deadlines, my tendency toward perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, or self-judgment I have about writing this book – Unlimiting You – shake me up, greatly taxing my energy.

Or I can take a deep breath, reminding myself to fully trust the unfolding of this process every time I think about writing and believe that I will be guided in my journey to complete it in perfect timing.

The first approach literally has me shaking with doubt, fear, and anticipation. In the second, my energy flows and is open to how the process needs to go, trusting that it will be done at the pace that is supposed to happen.

When I choose to connect to a more unlimited part of myself—the self that has full trust that all will be okay and that everything happens in its proper time—the information for this book comes much more freely, and I feel in the groove.

The only difference in my experience is in where I focus my energy: away from contraction and toward the possibility for expansion and freedom—two qualities that nurture the soul, creating more space to allow one’s energy to shift.
Remember, you are always connected, but it is your awareness that either allows you to feel connected or disconnected.

Think about the first thing you connect to when you wake up in the morning. Seventy-five percent of the people to whom I’ve asked this question have said that they think of what they have to do for the day and then check their phones, emails, social media sites, etc. These actions are limiting and can leave room for anything other than connection to creep in.

What would it be like to connect with yourself and to an unlimited force in a way that continually reminds you of your “un-severable” connection?

What would it be like for you to start your day from a place of feeling consciously connected?

I understand that life is busy, and we seem to have a compulsion to wake ourselves by going through the list of what needs to be done for the day in order to feel in control.

If you start your day like this, how are your stress level and energy by midday or the end of the day? Do you feel tired? Depleted?

Remembering that you are always connected and then bringing your attention to this fact is one way to help bring yourself back into balance.

It is also helpful to carve out a time during the day or night that is exclusively for you to be conscious of your connection. This can be through meditating, sitting quietly, walking in nature, being aware of your breath, or any other way that allows you to connect inwardly as opposed to outwardly.
I invite you to reflect on what you choose to connect with each and every day. Ask yourself if you connect to stress, worry, fear, anxiety, or anything similar that clouds your perception of connection.

If so, what can you connect to that will allow you to feel more whole, energized, and infinite?

Evaluate what you are connecting to and see if that is what you really want. If it isn’t, make the choice to connect with whatever empowers you and reminds you of your unlimited potential.

This experience of connection is integral to living a deep and meaningful life, and I know you can do it!

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