A step-by-step plan to gain more confidence, create healthy habits and find more happiness!

An online program designed to help you create and sustain your ideal life of freedom! With live group calls, monthly training modules, easy to follow worksheets, and a vibrant community of other like-minded people.

It’s time to make your dream life your REAL life! Join us to meet your goals, gain confidence, and feel happier!

Why I created the Freedom 
Blueprint Program...
I got fed up with hundreds of programs being marketed toward happiness and freedom, but people not getting the results they wanted. I knew they needed a step-by-step process, along with coaching to really make an impact and for them to create what they’ve wanted. This program is a culmination of working with people privately for over 10 years and using tips and tools I’ve employed in my own life to get me to where I am today—loving and fully living my life of Freedom!

The Freedom Blueprint Program is for anyone who’s ever thought or said: 
  •  “I wish I had more time for ______.”
  •  “Why can’t I seem to make _______ happen in my life?”
  •  “WHEN will I finally be able to make this healthy habit, new routine, or goal happen?!”
  •  “I wish I could stop stressing and be more present and happy.”
Whether you are a business owner, full-time parent, artist or executive - it doesn’t matter! The principles you will learn in the Freedom Blueprint Program apply at every level. In fact, you can review the material any and every time you begin to feel cramped and uncomfortable in your life to re-release yourself back into personal freedom!

During the program, I'll teach you how to....
  • Get extraordinarily clear on exactly what “Freedom” means to you so it’s actually achievable in your life!
  • Give you tools to feel more confident and be less overwhelmed.
  • Evaluate whether an opportunity or choice supports your personal freedom and teach you to say “no” to what isn’t aligned with you.
  • Reveal hidden time with your schedule to do hobbies, art, business, family time or whatever else matters most to you!
  • Start living your ideal day immediately!           (No massive life changes like moving or winning the lottery necessary!)

Freedom is a daily choice that you can start making NOW!
Twice a month you and the community gathers to connect on a LIVE video chat with Randy.
Each module will have video training lessons and powerful activities for you to complete.

In between calls, you will be able to post up your successes and questions in the group for Randy and the tribe!

Expect a radical shift in the way your life feels. You’ll discover more openness, peacefulness, and space for the things you really want to experience in life!
Some of the Results People Have Experienced:
  • Got in better shape
  •  Fell back in love with the city they live in
  •  Transformed hopelessness into feeling balanced and happy
  •  Went from not exercising to running a marathon
  •  Closed new clients in their business
  •  Released trauma and stopped being stuck
  •  Made more money
  •  Discovered more love and connection in their relationships
  •   Helped their children through helping themselves
  •  Gained more confidence
  •  Refocused on a passion-project
What will you do with your new-found Freedom?

"I have learned to be present and stay in the moment.

To be aware of what I am consuming and (what’s) taking up my mental space and time. To slow down and focus on the moment/task at hand. I have learned I CAN and anything is possible. "

"Simply the BEST!

Randy has a way of making complicated issues simple with just asking the right questions and giving simple challenges that give you a clearer perspective.
I've gained tools to work thru old issues, I'm stronger than I thought, I have more confidence to make changes in my life than I did in the past. " - Amy

"It's been thrilling!

 So many ah-ha moments! One of the best experiences of my life! You deserve this gift to give to yourself!!! I have Clarity in my life now. Conquered Time Leaks. I am more focused & Organized. I am growing & changing every day!  " - Eileen

12 live coaching video calls with Randy, session recordings, activity worksheets & challenges, and a vibrant FB group community. PLUS access to Randy in the FB group to ask questions and get personalized help!

6-Module Curriculum: The Freedom Blueprint Course’s 6-step roadmap to lifestyle freedom that Randy will walk you through during the course.
100% Online Format: easy to access anywhere in the world so you can connect on the go.

Lifetime Access: return to this curriculum again and again.

Community: the relationships you build will propel you forward.

Your Bonus! A private coaching call with Randy for personal support!
(Over $500 value!)

“I have learned some great skills about how to shift my mindset to be more accountable in my life. Randy is so brilliant, helpful and empathetic!” -Jessica


1 Payment of

6 Payments of
6-modules worth of highly-actionable videos and activity sheets that helped previous students...
-Lose 20+ lbs!
-Find their TRUE SELF!
-Launch their passion business!
-Switch careers or ask for a raise!
-Get powerfully present with their children!

12+ hour long deep-dive group training calls with Randy to learn exactly what to do to shift your life into high gear and experience a level of freedom you’ve been dreaming of! 

Take that vision board and let’s make it your REALITY!
Access to the program’s private FB Community of heart-centered people on the same journey as you eager to uplift, inspire, and keep you focused on your goals! 

Come build the friendships you need to go the distance and actually ACHIEVE your dreams. 

As a gift to those of you who step up and claim your freedom by joining the Freedom Blueprint, I’m going to honor your choice to live full-out with a private coaching session with me normally valued at $500 absolutely free! This call will give you private facetime with me to help you ascend out of your current situation and make Freedom your new normal. Permanently.

Claiming your personal freedom is SO POSSIBLE. And in under 6 months you could be feeling radically different than you do now about your body, business, finances, or relationships. I know because I’ve done it for myself and coached so many people into lives of joy, freedom, and happiness!

Say YES to freedom now by joining the Freedom Blueprint! I’ll see you on the inside! - Randy

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