F R E E D O M ! ! !

Since we recently celebrated American Independence Day, this word has been on my mind. Big-time.

Freedom is a symbol of something great, something vast and bold.

Freedom is a calling card, a powerful motivator for the time-crunched, harried nine-to-fiver. It’s also the illustrious finish line at the end of every entrepreneur’s race.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel free?! *Raising my hand over here*

I am hearing this word rebound throughout the self-help world, coaching community, and across my Instagram feed.

So why does this word have everyone in such a salivation state?

It’s what freedom means!

The ability to act, speak, think, or do without any resistance.

I mean, come on…who doesn’t want that?!

As an entrepreneur, freedom is not just a hope, it’s the north star. It’s the guiding principle in a life of working for yourself.

Freedom is subjective. It will mean something different to each person who interprets what freedom looks like in their life.  For me, freedom is doing what I love while having the time I want to spend with my family. To travel. To have. To give back. Freedom is laughing with friends at a BBQ and not stressing about what is happening the next day.

Freedom is being able to live my life from a place of mindfulness and action, not reaction.

I can also tell you what captivity looked like for me: making sure that I was intoxicated in some form or so that I didn’t feel, what could only be labelled as “life” and what comes with it. I needed to have certain substances with me or have in my possession. When I didn’t, it became an all-consuming activity until that itch was scratched. I even lost my driver’s license – talk about being captive! And wound up in the hospital, ambulances, rehabs, and almost dying…more than once!

That was bondage wreaking havoc in my life.

I realize this is an extreme example, but is it that different from how you might be experiencing a serious lack of freedom in your life?

Maybe you experience captivity (like I have!) in some of these ways:

  • not enough time…
  • not enough money…
  • feeling stuck or trapped in some area of your life…
  • frustrated by what you are not seeing happen for you…
  • constantly repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over…

You relating to any of these?

We all toggle between feeling free and feeling totally captive weekly, sometimes daily.

And do you know what keeps us exactly where we are at – never able to fully breakthrough and claim the freedom we were born to experience?

Our thoughts!

Thoughts, that stem from the past that are attached to stories or memories, that have now crystalized into subtle ways of thinking that you aren’t even aware of. Thoughts that are masquerading as your own voice slipping by the security gate of your conscious mind – indistinguishable from your own true, empowering self-talk.

These false thoughts are telling you what is and isn’t possible. 

Thoughts can be freeing, but often they are captivating – and they are the #1 thing that keeps you trapped in a reality that stinks.

Do you want to experience freedom in your life? Do you want to wake up next to the person you WANT to wake up next to? Drive to the job you WANT to work at? Make the money you WANT to make? Raise your family in the city that you WANT to raise them in?

If you do – let me promise you this: to reach your personal freedom goal, you will have to make some external changes, but you will absolutely have to make the internal changes by taking responsibility for your thoughts!

Moment of vulnerability here….I know the main reason why I am ever held back and not experiencing a reality that I choose is because my mind—thoughts and beliefs which determine the choices I make—are telling me, “It’s not possible, Randy.”

“You aren’t deserving. You’re not that capable. You really don’t have enough money. And let’s face it: you’re too old. In fact, you’re simple not good enough.”


Does this self-talk sound familiar??? Fear isn’t all that creative when he whispers in our ears trying to trick us into doubting our awesomeness, so I’m betting it does.

But here’s the truth: I AM ENOUGH! I am way more than enough. And so are you!

Here’s your secret weapon that will set you free EVERY TIME: your decision.

Your decision to tune out the negative voices and turn UP the positive truth. This is the moment when we have set ourselves free. This is how we step into a life of freedom and happiness!

So the million dollar questions is – if changing your thoughts would give you the freedom you crave, would you do it???? Would you be flexible enough to “be wrong” about some things you used to think in exchange for freedom?

I hope you said YES!

As for me, I’m claiming my freedom – one small positive thought at a time. I’ll see you out there.