Stress is super-sneaky!

Without good techniques for releasing your anxious thoughts, stress can pull you right out of the moment and ruin your joy in the Now. 

That means less play time with our kids, meaningful romantic moments with our Lover, joy in our work, and peace in our hearts.

And, I know, you’ve heard this a billion times – stress undermines our health. It’s the obnoxious, mischievous one at the party who let’s all the unwanted guests in—you know the ones that make you cringe when they show up? These come in the form of ailments that screw up health and take you away from your purposeful mission of living and feeling your best.

You’ve probably experienced stress’s shenanigans in the following ways: 

  • Creeping into family time and reminding you of something you forget to do at work (I’m so guilty of this one!!)
  • Keeping you up at night offering endless negative outcomes that “might” happen
  • Prompting you to rush through the day in a hustle vs taking your time and enjoying the moment
  • Giving you racing, doubtful thoughts that slyly tap you on the shoulder saying, “Maybe I didn’t do enough” or “I should’ve handled that situation better”
  • Snatching away your sense of accomplishment and peacefulness by piling on more and more things for you to do

Let’s call a spade a spade: Stress is a liar!

He says we don’t have enough time, money, skills, love, resources, security…..whatever! Stress drags us out of our peaceful place of abundance and confidence in who we are as Infinite Beings and tosses us into the pit of scarcity.

And I know how bad it sucks down there!

If you are feeling stressed, take a moment to watch this 7min video where I share 3 powerful tips to to disarm stress and elevate your happiness. 

So tell me: where in your life is Stress constantly popping up? Let me support you. It’s time to get off that stress merry-go-round.

Share a comment below or send me a message sharing where you’d like to erase stress and replace it with peace, love, and contentment!

And remember: Keep breathing deep. Focus on what matters. Live in the present.

Stress doesn’t own you.