Let me first start off by saying that I apologize for being out of communication for a little while. It has been quite an exciting time in my life and I needed to unplug for a bit.

Since my last newsletter, I have stepped into a new space of marriage and gave to ourselves by taking a honeymoon after the wedding. The wedding weekend was very small, intimate, powerful and special. I left the country and had the joy of witnessing some extremely ancient sites in Turkey, walked around in underground cities from the 1st century A.D., stayed in a cave hotel while touring cave houses built in the sides of mountains and in the interior of chimney mountains in the dessert. Oh yes, how could I forget sampling new and yummy food!
My favorite part about traveling is the people I come in contact with and being able to learn and understand different cultures. Even though the world is vast and topography may look very different, there are inherent principles, morals and humanity within all of us. This is what excites me the most. Feeling so separated by space/proximity yet feeling so similar to other cultures and people by our shared humanity.

On another note, this seems to be both an exciting and nerve racking time for people. Coming back home I realized how alike we all are and also how separated we feel within ourselves. This may be a generalization and I am sure not everyone feels this way. However, I work with many people and what I observe is the crazier and more hectic things get around us, the easier it is to feel alone and divided within. Also, confused, not knowing where to go or what to do next. It is very important when there is so much going on with the planet that our own truth is present for us.

How tuned into yourself are you? When someone asks how you are doing, what is your answer and is your answer exactly true? When someone asks you what you want to do tonight, or this weekend, or even a bigger question, what do you really want out of your life, how do you respond to that? These questions are invaluable if you can be aware of what it is you want. If there is a place that you feel stuck in, it is difficult to move forward if you do not know what direction you want to move in. This is just the first step in a series of steps to move forward.

Right now is the time to move forward.

tool of the month
Ask yourself what you want or what you are feeling many times throughout your day to get clarity on where you are at and bring yourself into present moment.

Whatever has been holding you back, now is the time to identify those things, give them voice, let them be heard and then bring them into balance so you can be free to move here however you choose.

I don’t know about you but I have had some pretty harsh judgments about myself at times when I feel confused, not knowing what to do, and eventually that can lead to self destructive thoughts. In the end, there is no motion except stagnation. It’s still the same feeling of being stuck and I have exhausted myself by sprinting in place!

I will be doing a series of workshops on tuning into your own power and moving forward into a new space of awareness, power, creativity and freedom. Discovering what it is you want and how to get there.
(Of course this can be done in private coaching as well)

I have expanded my services to reach more people and offer an array of ways in which to work.

Lower price points include 30 minute sessions or groups/workshops.

Regular price points include normal 50-60 minute sessions anywhere from 2-4 or more sessions per month.

Higher price points (although more intensive) include retainer consulting/coaching that will be charged monthly and encompasses a more direct and intense approach for those who want to make some serious changes to their lifestyle, in their relationships, and careers.

* You can always contact me for more information regarding any of this. *

I trust that this finds everyone well. Remember, winter is coming and with it brings feelings of hibernation, hence going in for the winter. I encourage you to do just that…go within yourselves and come out your best, most highest self you or anyone has seen yet!

with love,