Here is the 2nd blog out of 3 that I am writing based on questions you have asked. This question comes up frequently so I decided to go with this one for number 2. So, here we go….

Do you currently feel or have you felt recently stuck in some area of your life and want to know how to move forward? If so, believe me you are not alone. I’m going to stream line this and not mince words here so I’m providing a list of things you can do in the process of getting unstuck and moving forward.

Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward
Fly Free!
Being aware that you are stuck is all the energy you need to place on “Being Stuck.” The more you focus on being stuck, the more you stay stuck. Imagine being on a ferris wheel. If you got stuck way up high and you didn’t like heights, focusing on being stuck only will create panic, more fear and hysteria. Being aware that this is where you are arms you with the choice to decide where you want to go. Focus on movement, where you would like to go and what it feels like to actually be moving. Focus on that to create motion.
Take steps to create movement. You might say, “I’ve already tried this and it feels like I’m not going anywhere or I keep winding up in the same place.” It might feel that way because something is being missed. Something different needs to be done. A feeling, an action, a thought – something needs to change. Create a few minutes to have a nice, calm sit-down with yourself. Ask your soul the questions that need to be asked. Listen for your answers. Once you have your answers, then ask what you need to do in order to follow those answers.
Do something that creates motion in the direction you want to go in (in the case of wanting a situation to change, do something each day that moves you in the direction of changing your situation). Energy and motion are key here. The more energy you put into something, the more motion you may see. The energy that I speak of is not physical force, but it is visual, heartfelt and sense-based energy that you put forth in creating what it is you want. If you are truly creating life here moment to moment, then you better take responsibility for what you have been creating so that you can create a new picture for yourself.
Don’t panic! You are probably sensing you are stuck because it is time for you to make a change. Know that this is coming up in perfect timing and exactly how it needs to. Take a deep breath, assure yourself that you have the power to create what it is you want because you have already been creating what it is you don’t want, hence bringing forth the feeling of “being stuck.” Therefore, empower yourself by focusing your energy on motion and the direction you are choosing, not on being stuck. Ask your soul the deep questions and listen, listen, listen. Then, do something on a daily basis that reflects the answers you received. Don’t limit yourself. If you can perceive yourself being stuck, you can perceive yourself becoming unstuck.
There are few things more empowering and self mastering than going from being stuck to flying freely.