Hello Everyone,

I woke up this morning to birds chirping and sunshine. It was a pleasant morning and an exciting reminder of spring being on it’s way. I started thinking about winter and what has been happening across the United States with all of the weather. I always enjoyed the stories about bears hibernating and how they literally hole themselves up for winter. Many places of the country may experience similar feelings of staying inside more as it is dark, cold, rainy, windy, snowy.

I focused on the mental image of the bears this morning and a powerful idea came to me. Spring is a time where new beginings happen as nature starts to bloom, birds play and mate and there are signs of new life; a rebirth if you will. Winter, obviously coming right before spring, is really a time of “going within”. It is a time to become clear about what you are not only wanting for yourself but what you have been creating for yourself. If there is something that you have been unhappy with, now is the time before spring to look at what you have been creating for yourself that may not be working. It is also extremely important to take a look at what has been working and build off of that.

This is the perpetual cycle of life. The bio rhythms of the seasons are congruent to the cycle of our own lives. Now is your chance to take the time, give yourself permission to “go within” and get comfortable with your inner world. Now is the perfect time to find what you are looking for. Searching outside of yourself is a dead end street. Believe me, I have gone down it many times!! I always seem to forget and look outside to find happiness when it has been sitting inside of me all along. The answers and what you seek are within.

I encourage you to hibernate inside of your heart so you can mimic a daffodil and spring forth through the dirt so you can soak up all of the light the sun has to offer. Remember, the sun is a powerful mirror of the light inside of you.

Stay dry, stay safe and cozy while enjoying going within and feeling the warmth of your own being.

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May this month be in the natural flow of life for you…