Give the present of you to you!

Happy Holidays! I am wishing each and everyone one of you a fun-filled holiday and a new year that will have you growing so much that you don’t even recognize yourself by 2016! I am here to help with that. I believe this coming year is going to be a huge, memorable and expansive year for many. I’m going to make sure I play my part in bringing all I can to you and my clients.

As you might already know, I have a new book coming out in early February 2015. Since I have been editing, reading, and rereading the material non-stop, something really special is taking place. Because I am living the material on such a deep level, I can tell you that there are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, some really transformative things contained in this book. I have included some really personal stories to help illustrate some of the main concepts in the book: Unlmiting You. I will be offering a series of workshops from the book in select cities. There will also be workshops held through tele-classes via telephone or by Skype, for all of you who are long distance. 

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My Gifts to You: 3 Ways To Step Out of Your Old Life and Into Your New One

I wanted to thank you for your continued interest and support of what I do. One way for me to give back is to share with you three ways that you can step out of your everyday reality and approach life in a new, exciting, and completely fulfilling way.

Here we go…

1. Stop Racing Against the Clock

You have places to go, people to talk to, work to do, errands to run, emails to respond to, relationships to keep up with, sleep to get, food to eat, bills to pay. I could go on and on…and so could you! I get it. I live it. We live it. But do we have to live it in this way? NO!

Everything still has to get done, but the way you do it all can change drastically. This is about changing you. Your perspectives. Your attitude. Your energy. Start your day first thing in the morning by breathing, consciously going inward and connecting yourself with God (or however you define this for yourself). Feel the love, power, wisdom, clarity, calmness, vastness, and beauty of this energy. This is, in fact, your pure essence and now it is time to consciously connect to it as you start your day and throughout your day (Make sure you do this as soon as you get up, carving this time out for you before doing ANYTHING else. Before you think of your daily activities, before you deal with your partner or kids, before you brush your teeth. Start your day filling your spiritual tank up and connecting to an unlimited power. You will find that you have more energy, strength, clarity, patience and bandwidth if you do this).

Don’t run to or from the clock. Whether driving, rushing, or getting through something – be completely present while doing it and fully trusting that everything will work out exactly as it needs to if you are completely present. That is your FULL TIME job. The rest of what you do for money is your occupation, secondary to being present in life. When you do this, you bring your presence and connectedness – your deepest self – to everything you do.

2. Do Things Differently

You say you want change. You crave change. You desire something different in your heart and you can feel it. Great. That’s the first step! If you call change to come forth, it WILL come. Let go of expectation of how it will come and what it will look like. What I watch happen so often is that when change comes, people react to the change in the same old ways. To get to somewhere new, you have to drive down a new road. Pack different food. Look at a different map. Listen to new songs. See there scenery you pass in a new way.

First and foremost, always look within to find what you can do to change yourself. If you truly want something to change, you have to be willing to look within, see what you find, and also see what you have been hiding from yourself. When you change yourself and you shift your energy, the world around you changes to meet you where you are. Ask yourself what you can do (or what you can do differently) repeatedly,  throughout the day and watch where that gets you. You might, quite literally, be in a “different state.”

3. Be clear. Be conscious

No more hiding. Be clear about what your truth is. Share this with yourself. Write it. Say it loud. Get in the habit of uncovering your truth and bringing it to light. No more hiding in the shadows. You want something new and different right? Find your truth, empower yourself by standing in it and share it. The more authentic you live your life, the more deeply fulfilled it will become. Clarity is self awareness. Self awareness leads to consciousness. The more conscious you become, the more your eyes open to the magic and synchronicity of the universe which is always giving you an opportunity for expansion on some level, if you can be aware of it.

Open these three steps as you would a holiday gift and play with it as a child would play with a toy it has been longing for all year. I promise you this is a gift that will keep on giving, not only year round, but throughout your life.

Sending you wishes for joy, peace, and an exciting year of opening up your own gifts within!