As we move into this holiday season, things are ramping up to wind down. Sounds like an oxymoron but actually this is the cycle around the holidays. Having time off of any kind always brings excitement however, the rush of buying gifts, having everything in order, financial strains and making arrangements for everything to be in place to wind down 2010 can bring with it a lot of undue stress. Actually, the cycle is ramping up to wind down just to ramp up yet again!

2011 is going to be a major year in the evolution of earth. It is the year before 2012 and no matter if you give any credence to the hype around that year or not, there is enough mass consciousness on this subject to have a great effect. What does 2012 really stand for anyway? Some believe the end of all civilization, some say it is a great shift in consciousness. Whatever your belief systems are, there is change coming no matter what. Changes will occur because there has been and always will be changes going on with the planet and all life on her. The question is…WHAT WILL CHANGE FOR YOU? Will change happen to you or will change happen from you?

Will you be the one that is creating the changes you want to see?

If you want to be in control of co-creating changes that you want to see for yourself in such a rapidly transitioning time, then this news might be perfect for you.

I am very excited to embark on a new endeavor for the new year and I am inviting all that want to be a part of this journey to participate in whatever way they want. I will be holding Change and growth tele-workshops in the new year. Depending on the color level that is right for you, you have options to participate in a few different ways. This will be for 3 months each.

Green Level- will be as little as $49 per month for information packets, 1 tele-workshop per month and a way to ask questions and stay in touch to further precipitate growth and shifts.

Red Level- will be $149 per month for regular information and tips, 2 tele-workshops per month, along with follow up to track growth and change.

Purple level- will be $299 per month for regular information and tips, weekly tele-workshops each month along with a private one on one coaching session with me each month with check-ins and updates.

Please contact me for any further questions and for signing up.

I will also be holding regular support groups for anyone who wants a more private and intimate experience where they can be in small groups that meet once, twice or three times per month where we can discuss anything that is “up” for someone along with some personal coaching to facilitate ways of expanding and moving beyond any “stuck” places.

Please contact me for further information regarding this…

3 Useful tips to manage stress this Holiday Season

1) Stay centered within yourself. Remember that everything you do is a choice so when you find yourself in a stressful situation or losing patience, remember why you are choosing to be where you are at in the first place.