Happy New Year!

I hope that you had the chance to spend it however you wanted to. Most of the people that I asked what they did over New Years Eve responded similarly. The theme was “taking it easy”. Relaxing and being more mellow; spending it with the people they loved. I include myself in this as I sat around, made some food, sat by a fire and read an intention list for the year. It was very relaxed and low key yet my most fulfilling start to the New Year yet. Hearing how people spent it showed me that this will be the year to minimize stress as much as possible. However you spent your New Years celebration, that is probably exactly what was needed. As we are in the very beginning of 2011, what is needed for you this year? What are your needs that you want met?

This is a time to start fresh. Last year is gone and with it, all that you are willing to let go of. Focus now on what you want to bring to yourself, what you are grateful for and build from there. Focusing on what didn’t happen last year or what isn’t right in your life may booster that very thing that you want to change. Start from a trusting, believing and certain place that this year can be the time to manifest what is truly in your heart.

I really feel in my heart that this will be a profound year. My reminder to everyone is that everything starts with choice. If there is something you don’t like, you want to change or have it be different…make a different choice. Be more nurturing to yourself this year. Be clear in what you want. Be present and intentional. Be good to yourself, for if you are kind and loving to yourself, that is what you will give to others.

If I can assist you in any way, please let me know. I am here to empower and reflect the best part of yourself, even if you can’t quite see it right now. My goal is to see more people become who they want and achieve what they want this year. The energy is ripe and the universe is ready; and so am I. Are you?

May joy, abundance and a deeper sense of fulfillment be with you in this exciting time.

My best wishes for a wonderful year.