Well, the holidays are here and there seems to be a tangible state of panic and fear. The economy is the worst it has been in a long time and the stock market is worse then the crash of 1929. It is really hard to not get sucked into the emotions and panic of what is happening.

I have been doing a lot of work with my clients lately around how they can nurture themselves through this time, how to shift perspectives into focusing on what matters most and how to create from a place of abundance, not lack and limitation.

These ways of being are essential to not only finding happiness but sustaining happiness. It is kind of like being the observer of what goes on around you without getting pulled directly into the eye of the storm. We cannot control everything that is going on around us but we absolutely can control our reaction to it.

There is a hurricane of immense global proportion right now, how will you take shelter?

Focusing on what you do have in the very moment helps keep you in a state of gratitude and openness. Remember, the past has already happened and the future has not. The only time you have is RIGHT NOW. Focusing on “how bad things are”, “how much you have lost”, “how horrible things are for people” only holds one in a state of fear and panic. Then we literally can be “frozen in fear”.

This holiday season, look around and find things that you are thankful for. Even though the stock market is in disarray, transmute that by taking spiritual “stock” of what you have and what you are most thankful for. Do something nice for yourself, even if that means giving someone else a hug because you need it! Put on a song of some sort that evokes the emotion you are looking for; do not do things that evoke more of the emotions you are not looking for.
These are examples of simple ways that you can be the change you want. You can be the polarity. This way, you are empowered to create the changes you want in yourself. This is how, when starting with ourselves, we can effect and change the world!

Happy Holidays and a truly wonder filled New Year for everyone.