When something comes up in your life that you don’t necessarily consider positive or you judge it as bad, how do you react to it? Is it something you completely fight against? Something that you want to just go away so you don’t have to deal with it?

I have found myself in this position before and have asked why is this happening?
The truth is on some level, I am co-creating this experience to happen for whatever reason that may be. Maybe it is to learn something or to break some sort of pattern. How many times have you had one experience and then you keep having that same experience? It;s Ground Hog Day!!! For instance, you are in one relationship, get out of it but then attract someone that isn’t far from what you had in the last one. Why do these people keep coming into your lives? Why? Because you asked them to!! Your higher self gets playful and says ok, if that didn’t work, what about this!

These are the ways in which we are being guided. It may not sound like angelic voices from the heavens or it may not look like light shining down in that moment, but you could perceive it like that if you choose. The players that come in and out of your life are the grandest mirrors of all for you, especially the people you are closest to. They represent the most of what you are working on a core level.

So, I ask again, how do you react to these people and/or situations?

If your point of view changed to see these “players” as mirrors that are doing the best job they can in fulfilling their role of reflecting what you need to know/work on/heal; would that make a difference in your reaction?

In the work I do with people, this is a focus and it is interesting to watch one move from a victimized role into a self-empowered state of being; simply changing a point of view. If you could look at a situation and bring your awareness to what the opportunity is for you in that specific situation, you then make your next move in navigating how you chose to handle that. Even the things that seem so very hurtful can be our biggest possibilities.

Really, only YOU have the power to heal thy self.

If you can imagine yourself as a complete puzzle, then all you are doing is merely picking up the pieces that these opportunities allow you to see to gently put into the whole. You are a whole being, fitting your pieces in one at a time.

Be the complete picture of your creation and bring the pieces of your puzzle together.

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