People ask me all the time how I stay so positive, upbeat and in a good mood.

How I’m always able to see the silver lining.

How I can recognize something that is hard or challenging, but find a way to give perspective to find the energetic “way out.”

You asked. I’m answering. Here we go…

1) I’m not always in a good mood or upbeat

Just ask my wife?! But for the most part, I am.

This is SO important to know.

This really matters because we get caught in a cycle of comparing ourselves to other people. The healthy type of comparison (only done 10-20% of the time) improves you. The unhealthy type of comparison (80-90% of the time) most people use against themselves, beating themselves up and feeling badly about where they are not.

Before you compare, know that you are comparing to a snapshot of a limited picture, not the whole. I am not perfect, nor am I always upbeat! Don’t aim for an absolute. Aim for better. You can always do better. Perfect – harder to impossible to achieve!

2) Eating Habits

If I am eating foods high in sugar, too much caffeine or that weigh me down too much, I don’t feel as well physically. That directly translates to me not feeling as good emotionally or mentally. Too many people don’t give this enough credence and shun the massive amount of research that shows how food and gut health can impact all of your bodily systems and functions. If you know that your eating habits aren’t where they need to be, please don’t underestimate the positive effect making a change in this area can have on overall mental and emotional health.

3) Exercising

I’m not a born exercise enthusiast. In fact, I don’t mind being somewhat sedentary. But over the years, I’ve gone through times of no exercise and times of higher, more vigorous exercise and without question, I am in a much better mood, more efficient, calm, positive and have expanded capacity to handle stress when I have exercised.

It doesn’t have to be long. Some of my workouts are 10 minutes! (There is no excuse as everyone has 10 minutes each day. If you don’t, get a hold of me and I will find that 10 minute window for you FREE OF CHARGE!) Even my children will know if I haven’t worked out. They will tell me that I am more grumpy when I don’t. At this stage of the game, feeling good and performing well so my clients and family get the best of me—that is paramount in my world. So, I do what I need to do to stay optimized.

4) Staying Connected

This may be the secret sauce, and yet the hardest to define. Here’s an attempt to make it more concrete. I stay connected to the right things vs. the wrong ones. (There is no wrong per se, only better choices for how you want to feel.)

I don’t get sucked up into hours of news and media hype.

I try my very best not to repeat headlines and news that may change the very next day.

I look at all sides I am aware of and then see where I land.

I have family, friends and mentors that help provide perspective when mine isn’t working the best for how I want to show up in the world. We all have blindspots. Instead of being ashamed of this, embrace it and know that getting help is our natural state. We did it in tribes all the time. We’ve just forgotten that this is normal. We’ve somehow been fed the idea that it’s weak to get help when in essence, that is the very thing that will make you a strong leader.

I love creativity, beauty, nature and discovery. When I can find wonder in various areas, it keeps me connected to the infinite intelligence that is all around us, however you define that for yourself. It’s about plugging in to something more expansive than my limited thinking or mood at present.

5) Having Fun and Playing

Simple. Joyful. Cannot be rated and suggested highly enough. Making life fun again when it gets too serious. I can get serious at times and playing with my kids, skipping around the house, making up a song—all ways to become present and in the moment. An instant mood changer and enhancer.

That’s it for today. Let me know which one of these stands out for you as the one you need the most right now in your life.

Remember, let go of perfect. Let go of unhealthy comparison. Compare healthy to help raise yourself up and improve. Know that even starting small will always lead to better and improvement.

If you need help creating a happiness ripple effect across your life, join me in my Freedom Blueprint Fast Track program.

I’ll help you access the same positivity I have and help you implement healthy living habits so you feel can feel amazing and experience more peace and happiness every day!

You can change in these times…


Let these times change you…

It’s always up to you.