Happy 2014!
Sometimes we need to be challenged. We need a push in a direction. We get comfortable with patterns and stay in the same place wanting to move and wanting to change, but things stay the same. Sound familiar?

As a coach, it’s my job to push and challenge at the right times. I’m feeling the call now, more than ever, to be even stronger with my clients at certain times because what I am noticing is people want to change! They want to wake up. They want to live better lives in every aspect. However, it’s the fear of what it might take to achieve change and reach their goals that stops them in their tracks. There are times for gentleness and times for strength – quite a sacred dance which is why I love doing what I do.

The hardest part of moving something heavy is getting that thing to move. Ever see those strong man competitions where the guys are pulling those huge semi-trucks? I admit, even though I was always a spiritual and sensitive guy, I loved watching these strong man competitions. Maybe it was because they seem to defy what seems humanly possible.

Once that truck finally moved and the wheels budged, even one inch, they could use the momentum to get them across the finish line. Newton said “An object in motion stays in motion.” We are ALWAYS in motion. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, the planet is always in motion. We are meant to move. Growth, change, evolution, death, birth, rebirth…all movement.

In what area of your life have you been procrastinating? Is it weighing on you? Do you wish that you had some help, someone to push you a little so you can finally do what has been on your mental list for so very long?

Tell a friend, your partner or family member and hold each other accountable. Hire a coach. Do something that puts what you want into motion – into action – so you can say that this is the year that you took your power back. This is the year you embraced fear and moved through it.

Start today. Your dreams are waiting!
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