I’ve been around the self-help and spiritual / metaphysical community for years. I want to point out to you, the biggest mistake and syndrome I see people making:

“The Yeah, yeahs! Oh yeah, be present. Oh yeah, think positively. Be grateful. Practice forgiveness. I should have more balance in my life.”

Of course we all know this, right? In some senses, it seems too simple so it gets brushed off or shelved. 

How many times do you read a book or hear a concept that makes so much sense? It resonates within you and when you read it or hear it, you feel better? 

You know that it is truth, on some level and in that moment—it feels like you have it all figured out, and then…….. life happens and a few days later, sometimes even a few hours or minutes, you forget that concept and what made such a huge difference for you when you heard it, when you felt you had it all figured out, it just slipped away into the abyss of spiritual information that you have but don’t use. 

A huge part of the work I do with clients is lassoing all of the self-help and spiritual concepts such as: 

  • Work/life balance,
  • Not sweating the small stuff
  • Loving yourself
  • Self-care
  • Believing in yourself
  • Setting boundaries
  • Really forgiving
  • Letting yourself and others off the hook
  • Stop playing the victim role
  • Truly being empowered
  • Living from a place of authenticity and having deep connection, being present, mindful, and too many more to mention….

The work is not understanding the concepts. It’s about living these. Moving from a static concept into a dynamic experience. EMbodying these truths to where it’s not just something you know and sluff off as, “Yeah Yeah, I know that already.” It’s not enough to know anymore.

Real transformation comes when there is embodiment. When it becomes a part of you, not just a thought that YOU are having. It IS you, and you ARE it. 

This is when people start asking, “Why are you glowing? Did you recently have work done? What is making you so happy? You seem different, what’s different about you?”

One thing I stand for is living the message. Don’t just talk about what you know, BE WHAT YOU KNOW. And look, we are all stepping into that more and more, there isn’t a perfection or finish line. Life and the way you live it is an art and can become a beautiful design, even more beautiful than you can imagine. 

So the tool for today?

Figure out what you really want to embody, even if you aren’t there yet. 

Once you figure that out, ask yourself: “How can I do that? Who can help me get there? How can I support myself in becoming a living, breathing example of what resonates true with me and how I ultimately want to be?” Doing this helps with many other problems that you might be experiencing currently. So:

  • MAKE the time
  • BELEIVE it’s possible
  • Take the ACTIONS day by day to transform yourself

I’m here for transformation and here to support you in making your big transformation. I also happen to LOVE alchemy. Changing one thing into something else. You have all the raw material to change any part of yourself or your life from one material into another. This work with people is what gets me excited for Mondays and starting a new week. Watching the change, the healing, the integration, the transformation of others is like watching the best, most sacred stage show that moves you to tears and surges you to get up out of your seat, clapping until your hands tingle.

It’s not enough to know what you should do anymore. It’s about embodying all the things you’ve heard and read so that you can be the living example that others want to mimic!

If the last 2 years have taught me anything, it’s that waiting is more dangerous than implementing and changing. 

The future isn’t worth it, if YOU aren’t worth it now.