This is a topic I really want to share with you as FOMO ‘Fear of Missing Out’ has gained such popularity as a term. It comes from scarcity, lack, not being a part of something or losing something. It doesn’t feel good to miss out!! 

Who created the rule that by saying no to an opportunity that that automatically means the alternative is ‘missing out’. 


Saying yes or agreeing to do something out of fear may negatively impact you. So many what if’s born out of fear. Well, what if you change what you ask ‘what if’ about?

  • What if you really don’t want to? 
  • What if you’re tired? 
  • What if you need to lay low? 
  • What if it’s more important to be with your partner, your child, help another or just take time to help yourself? 
  • What if your intuition is screaming out to you: DON’T GO because there is something better in store for you?!

To make a more conscious decision, one not born out of fear, bring the balance by asking: what would be the JOMO ‘Joy of missing out’ here? It can be easy to see what we are missing. But are you accurately assessing what you may be gaining? If you do, it might just lead to JOMO!

I used to have crazy FOMO! Now, I love sitting in JOMO because if I am accurately gauging which one I have, I will likely not be acting out of fear, but of joy. I don’t know about you but one feels so much better than the other! Those heart pounding chemicals that get produced out of fear, the mental anguish of incessant thought “What if’ing” and not trusting can drive one insane. I will chose the JOY any day over FEAR!  

I challenge you to flip this right on it’s head and reframe to JOMO ‘Joy of Missing Out’!!

What do you get out of ‘missing out’? Clarify your why, your choice for doing so. When there is purpose attached, it changes the entire perspective. 

Try playing around with asking different if’s, not just out of fear but also out of joy. If you find the JOMO, it might just increase your MOJO!!