Even as a life coach working with people on a daily basis around spiritual concepts and expanding their lives, I still find myself playing this humbly human game. I usually play it around food cause I love the pleasures of taste so much. Ok, ok of course my wife and kids come first, then food and then being a life coach helping people to see themselves so they can love who they are. I just have so much excitement so when I discover something new; no matter what that is, I really want to share it with the world. Food is important to me because I believe in the healing properties of it and how sitting down with people over a meal can be incredibly joyous and transformative.

As an intuitive life coach I feel that there are essential things that humans should not live without. Of course avocados are #1 in the food category. Here is my list of what truly matters from a soul level:

1) Love (family, friends and humanity)

2) Connection (family, friends and everyone I come into contact with)

3) Sharing (seeing people’s reaction to something great, recognizing the light inside of them, laughter)

So now, I ask you, what are 3 things that you wouldn’t live without?

Playing this game can actually help bring clarity in what is important to you. It is always easier to identify what is not important but harder to know wholeheartedly what it is. Focusing more on the important things in life (the really important things) can keep our moods and reactions in check. Being a life coach I have found that focusing on these things can help us to appreciate what we do have and what we do like, not the other way around. You can be your own life coach by keeping the focus on the important things in your life that truly matter. This helps to create more things that matter which equal true abundance.

This is a fun, creative game to bring awareness to what is important to you.

Once you come up with 3 things, ask yourself if this is the list that you want for your life? This game is to show you where your passion is right now. If you are passionate about the things on your list and they feel good, live that passion. If your list brings up something that you would like to change, then so be it. Use the awareness to provide you with more clarity so you can do what really matters in your life.

By the way, when you are your own life coach, your list might change from day to day and that is ok. Know what you like; know what you cannot live without so you can know what you can live with.