I am sure that at first glance of the title, you may be thinking…less money? What do you mean less money. The goal is to make more money!

I wanted to write about a certain tool that I see working very well with people to lessen stress and financial worry while simultaneously increasing fun and excitement. The goal is to maximize your time and energy so you can enjoy what you are doing while paying less. Sound good so far?

Increasing the depth and meaning of how you spend your time can also decrease the amount of money you spend.
Have you ever been with friends or family for an evening, simply just hung out and had a wonderful, memorable time? Spending less money translates to less financial stress. People always feel good when they think they are getting more for less. This is why markets and stores advertise sales, 2 for 1, 50% off, etc…

Find an activity that you might not otherwise do that can be fun and connective for whomever is involved. Some examples might be:
-playing a board game (something fun where laughter can be present)
-make up your own game (this can be really fun and challenging but worth it)
-taking a walk or hike and enjoying nature
-light a fire or light some candles and talk about your week. Talk about what you want for the next coming weeks and how the other person might help support you (this is if you are with someone but you can do this alone too
-find some quiet time to be silent, even if it is just for 2 minutes at first.
-make a picnic. (buying food from the market and preparing it yourself usually cuts down on eating out)
-look for certain deals in your city such as groupon, living social, and other money saving tools.
-venture out to do or see something in your city that you have never seen before. (internet is a good resource)

The best thing about most of these choices…they are either free or very little cost. Changing up what you do on a weekly basis brings more excitement into your life. Studies show that when there are new and exciting occurrences in our lives, that directly equates to more joy and happiness.

In a time where money can be tight and stresses are high, nurturing yourself by bringing more joy into your life, deepening your connection to your self and others can make all the difference in shifting your mood and even your reality.
I have seen amazing results with this. People have reported some real deepening in their relationships, shifts in their mood and overall well being.

You don’t need more abundance to feel abundant. Connect to your own abundance and feel yourself overflow.