We are three weeks into the new year and I can feel it! There is newness in the air and the blank canvas is staring back. What will be created? What is possible for you this year?

For starters, I want to address the word new. I’ll admit, I like new. For some reason new anything sounds nice. It gets the adrenaline and endorphins pumping when new anything comes into play. New adventures, new experiences, new product for sale—even as an upgrade of something you already have that promises a better version. It can be challenging to let go of old habits and patterns but new is always full of growth and potential. This New Year is no exception. So, what will you create for yourself in 2016? What new experiences do you dream of having? What new behaviors would you like to implement?

Create an unlimited new you in 2016 with our new life coaching programs.
When you realize that YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for in order for your life to completely change, the quicker transformation can happen.

Transformation into the unlimited you is an anchoring process.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I guide people to move beyond old patterns and limitations to create a new self—a more unlimited version. This version is ripe with possibility, empowered, and in the flow of life. I have made new changes to how I work with people, developed new life coaching programs & workshops, and launched a brand new website (complete with a member section which I will discuss in a moment). I am on a mission to show people how to move past their limitations and change old ways. When you can see the possibilities of an unlimited future, a new dream
can be attained.

Below you will find new offerings that I am excited to share with you.
I wish you a year of transformation, magic, wonderment,
and joy in the process of becoming YOU.

You want change? Here it is!
I’ve designed this to make big changes at an affordable monthly rate, and to go at your own pace. Essentially, you use your own life to grow, change, and transform. What better material to use than the very experiences in your life, right? I am sending challenges to these members every week with simple, easy to follow instructions complete with supporting articles and steps on how to accomplish these goals. Through these challenges and recorded short videos, I’ll help you to stay inspired to play in the realms of transformation. There are 3 different options for memberships – and you’ll also receive my new Ebook,
The Journey to Transformation: Destination Change.

This is nothing short of awesome! This is like a personal trainer for your emotions and psyche to help you grow by leaps and bounds! For people who cannot afford to have their own private coach—this membership program is right up your alley. Check out this short video and see if you’re as excited about this as I am!

Personal Coaching

I am available for private coaching for individuals and businesses in Portland, Oregon and anywhere around the world through phone and Skype. I have changed my structure slightly to reflect the way I see the most growth happening. I have found coaching to be like exercising—if you only exercise one or two times but desire any type of long term fitness goals, you are not going to get the highest impact for success. For this reason, I have moved to the packages structure. I really want people to be serious clients and to invest in themselves. It is the greatest gift one can give, and having done it myself, I know how important self-care and having a partner to walk along the journey with you can be. This also happens to be a more cost effective solution, as one-off sessions are higher priced. Visit my website for a short video and more information.

New Courses, Tele-classes, and Workshops

Monthly “Door Opener” Call
New to coaching or wondering how it can help you? Want to become a coach yourself? Have a question about something that doesn’t seem to be working from the tools you already have? These monthly calls allow us to interact one-on-one to have your questions answered while also hearing a brief talk about a particular topic of interest. This is for YOU!
Unlimiting You – Beyond the Book Course
Many people have read my book, Unlimiting You, and have shared incredible results from applying the solutions in the book to their lives. I wanted to go deeper and put these concepts into action. This 10-week course will build from week to week and is designed to move people into a more unlimited state-of-being. I don’t want to just scratch the surface, I want you to have lasting change. Concepts are just thoughts that stay in our minds until we experience them as a feeling. Then, and only then, does it become real.

Mastermind / Masterheart Group
This can be a 6 Month Group or ongoing. Mastermind groups have been proven to be highly effective, where people make gigantic strides forward. This is no exception. I chose to call it a “masterheart” group because I have realized that in order to make necessary changes and start to master one’s self, it must be done from the head and heart. There needs to be synergy between them to address both aspects of ourselves.

My goal is to reach the people who want this change—more than they ever have, so we can work together to create a brand new version of themselves that is dream worthy. I know this is possible. More than just believing, I have seen it work and when it does, it is truly awe-inspiring to witness. When people start thinking differently, become fulfilled and enthusiastic about their own lives, and discover how to access the greatness that is within—magic happens. And, like a little boy at a magic show, I want more! Bigger stunts, more shocks, more smiles, high amounts of amazement. Yes, that is what I am going for in 2016!

Why? Why Not?! Because I can. Because you can. Because we can.
Less struggle, more play.

Let’s create magic this year!