Listen To Your Heart.

Yes, this was an 80’s monster ballad that is on every karaoke play list across the United States. And, yes, the 80’s has already made a comeback and now we are on to reviving the 90’s. There are some things though that are just timeless and timely. The statement, “Listen to your heart” is one of them.

Are you listening?

I would always hear self help books say listen to your heart. My father would give me the same cliche advise, of course coming from a loving place.  Phrases can become so trite, it’s easy to miss the power and meaning of the actual phrase if not experienced.  There were times in my 20’s that when someone told me this, it would infuriate me because I felt like I was listening to my heart. I didn’t always have the capability to get out of my head. Heck, I still don’t at times when faced with a fear or something that tests me greatly. Listening to the heart is a practice. It’s a skill to actually make enough room for the heart (or soul) to speak. Actually, it isn’t about doing anything.  It is about settling down enough to simply listen.  There is such wisdom that comes from our heart and soul.  Yet, most of us live from a place of doing so much throughout the day that it can feel awkward and clumsy to sit and “listen to the heart.”

The heart is the end of the rainbow.  I’m not sure if there are leprechauns there, but there certainly is a pot of gold waiting to be discovered.  How do you discover this?  Practice taking a few moments to just still yourself enough to ask a question and listen for the answer. It doesn’t have to be a formal mediation. The trick is to pay attention to how your answer comes.  It might come in the form of a picture, a color, a word, a sound.  If you are unclear, ask for clarity.  Let the heart guide this practice of listening so it can tell you what it wants you to know.

Heart vs. Head

The mind can be a frenetic place to live.  Let’s not beat the mind up too badly here – this isn’t a mind bashing session.  The mind serves us well for all practical tasks and everyday living.  The mind isn’t necessarily built to have the ability to go beyond its limited construct.  Always thank the mind for what it does give you before venturing into the heart space.  That way, the mind may not resist so much, and it can be in the passenger seat to receive the deep information you are seeking.

So the next time you are wanting the answer about something and aren’t sure of what it is, assure the mind it will be okay and thank it for serving you well. Then still yourself enough to ask the questions you have and listen for the answer.  Keep all senses open for the answer to come.  Trust it will come.

A clue that it’s your heart that you are getting the answer from and not your head: The heart/soul will not mince words.  It will be direct, clear and precise.

If you find that this works, share it with others and please email me to share your story if you feel inclined. You can also remember the 80’s song and sing it at the top of your lungs in celebration that you finally listened to your heart.