I get asked all the time, “How do I listen to my heart?”  Even in my Life Coach Training there is so much talk about listening to your heart, following what you are guided towards and slowing down enough to tell the difference between what is head and what is heart.    So, why is it so important to listen to the heart?

For starters, the heart is just a place marker for our inner guidance.  It is a place of inner knowing.  The information in our heads has a tendency to pull on past experiences keeping us safe from danger, making the same mistakes, not wanting to be hurt and much more. Things can get confusing when listening to our heads or what some people call the “monkey mind.”  It’s only when we still ourselves enough to bypass the chatter in our minds that we get to the gold that we are seeking.

Answers exist within the heart space.  True contentment, comfort, expansiveness and love all exist within the heart space.  It is an unlimited supply of energy and information waiting for you to tap it, much like the sweet and sticky syrup from a Sugar Maple Tree. To get to the nectar, there needs to be intention and action.  The syrup will likely not come if you don’t recognize the tree is there, get your tools and tap it to get what is on the inside.  As a Life Coach, my job is to lead you toward tapping your own syrup.

We are built the same way, and when accessing this powerful resource, you can find an inner presence and power just waiting to guide you on your journey.

Here is a video with a few steps to work with this concept of “listening to your heart” in a practical way that is grounded and concrete so one can become attuned to their own guidance and what they truly want.