I know that Valentine’s Day is one of those love/hate days. Some people love it, some can’t stand it. I remember being single and dreading Feb. 14th and all the couples who seemed so happy going to celebrate and bask in their love. I also remember being in relationships and feeling pressure about what I am going to come up with for my date so I could be charming and romantic without going overboard. Valentine’s day has been heavily commercialized and sometimes when something becomes a marketing ploy and a money making extravaganza, people lose sight of the underlying meaning behind such holidays.

The fact is, this has become a day to recognize love. How ever you may view this day: good, bad or indifferent, today can be an opportunity for everyone to uplift the planet and anchor in more love to mother earth and all that walk upon her.

If you are up for playing along with me….let’s play.

Here is the way I am going to reframe today and I would like you to play off of what I am suggesting. Take what I am saying, make it your own, change it how you see fit. Instead of today being about showing your love for your significant other, they are of course included though (I love you honey!), let today be about showing your love to everyone you come in contact with. Show your love to your family, your children, your friends, co-workers, the homeless man/women walking the street, the person making the cup of coffee you buy on the way to work, etc… Become aware of the love you have inside of you as you gaze upon others today. When you think about someone you love, feel grateful and let it fill up your daily glass of the recommended dosage so that it is overflowing. Raise the bar on your capacity to feel. THIS IS NOT THE DAY TO BE SAD ABOUT THE LOVE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE. TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO BE THANKFUL FOR ANY TYPE OF LOVE INSIDE OF YOU AND AROUND YOU.
This is a game of reframing that can elevate one’s energy so that love evolves past a possession of something into a pure energy. Can you imagine if everyone on earth did this for one day, what would happen?

The one most important person to love that has not been mentioned is you. Love yourself. Be thankful for who you are and celebrate you being here. Forget all the crap that may be going on in your head and give yourself a big embrace, you deserve it! Not only do you deserve it but doing this will enable you to feel more deeply. The more we love ourselves, the more we have the capacity to love others. The better we treat ourselves, the better equipped we are to give to others.

Can you do this? Are you willing to play with this idea today? I ask that you give it your best shot. Let’s mark today, Feb. 14th, 2011 as the day this planet had more love on her than any other day in history because the way love was focused was conscious, deep and multi-layered. What is there to lose?

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