“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” I can’t wait to tell you about Marcia and why I was chanting her name so many times. But first, I have to share an astounding statistic I ran across.

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) when doing a study on accountability, they found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

This alone is a huge factor in why coaching is the second fastest growing profession in world. Yes, you read that right! People are continuing to get amazing results and the word about coaching has spread like wildfire.

When I first met Marcia, she didn’t know much about coaching at all! But she knew she needed something different to happen in her life. Things were okay for Marcia. But she was bored. Complacent. Somewhat disconnected. Sure she was a multi-tasking mom, corporate employee and doing just fine.

However, something was just missing.

She knew there were areas of her life such as getting in better shape, making better choices and staying consistent with the things she knew she needed to do to feel her best.

But it just never changed. Time and time again, she’d set out to keep a goal only to be disappointed and frustrated with herself when she failed. This led to some confidence issues. Not everyone knew this about her, but she did. And it did a number on her overall happiness. Shortly after, she found one of my programs.

New to coaching, she was apprehensive when we first talked about if coaching would be a good fit. But, she surprised herself and did something she didn’t think she would: SHE SAID YES!

When the group started, she was in the phase of feeling the lack of confidence and overall malaise. With some accountability and pretty good coaching (I do tend to have some profound moments here and there!) and the support of the group + the various tools she was given—Marcia started to change.

In her head, she would say, “Oh Marcia…” and the thought skewed fairly negative. It was subtle, but it did. When we worked on mindset and confidence, Marcia’s tone and voice in her head changed to something more supportive.

Then, Marcia started exercising. Consistently. She had a couple other goals too and guess what? Hit them. Easily. Many things in her life started changing and rearranging themselves for the better.

I remember one session, she shared with me what her wins were and I said, “Marcia! That’s great!

Then she kept sharing them!!

I kept saying in enthused surprise, “Marcia?!” “Marcia!” “Wow, Marcia!” I got to re-enact one of the Brady bunches famous quotes and she got to change the way she talked to herself, the way she saw herself, and as a result: the way other people saw her because she changed from inside out and outside in. (AND MANY PEOPLE NOTICED!)

This is what fires me up and keeps me loving what I do. I love it when people get these results. And I love it when they can say their name in a way that brings them joy, happiness and confidence.

Here’s your chance to support yourself in this very same way: The Freedom Blueprint.

This group (the same program Marcia took!) will provide the accountability you need. The coaching to help you reach your goals. And the support and camaraderie. We are here for you and will help you. But you must take that step that Marcia did when she surprised herself and said yes.

That “yes” was really what changed everything.

That was the uphill rollercoaster. The rest of the group was hanging on and enjoying the ride. (The ride that became her life.)

I want your life to become a ride. So, let’s RIDE! Join the Freedom Blueprint group coaching program.

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