After stuggling with work/life balance for years, I made one radical decision that set me mentally and emotionally free. Read on to hear how I stepped out of the mental rat-race and created peace, balance, and freedom for myself and how you can too!

I remember a couple years ago, taking a walk before work. Work/life balance wasn’t very balanced. I also wasn’t sleeping enough. My healthy habits I have now were replaced with a bag of chips at night and going to bed too late!

All of that, along with a few unforeseen bills that month put me into a state of inner chaos. My mind was spinning and my heart beating fast. It seemed as though a perfectly fine day suddenly turned into an ominous storm descending all around me.

The weirdest thing was: life was great by many standards. Nothing was horribly wrong, yet it felt that way in the moment. Before I knew it, my state of happiness was gone. I walked along stressing with every step and in one instant, I came to a complete halt.

I had one thought: “NO MORE!”

I realized that I was in a state of non-freedom. In many areas of my life, I was at the beck and call of my day. My thoughts. The circumstances that came and went. These variables are what controlled my happiness.

“HELL NO!” I said this and surprised myself. And as you may have experienced in one of these moments, everything became crystal clear.

I KNEW that I WAS THE ONE who is in charge of my mood. My state of being. In each moment. Nobody else. Nothing else. A bag of chips was not in charge of me! (Okay, a couple times a good bag or tortilla chips and bowl of guacamole definitely had it’s way with me!)

Certainly a few bills weren’t my chief. In fact, money or the pursuit of money was about to loosen it’s stronghold on me because I realized:


I will not let that come between me and my sense of freedom. Of happiness. Of feeling good. Just like Bob Marely’s last words to his son before he passed away, “Money cannot buy life.”

This is when I vowed that I am on a mission to take back my mind. My day. My happiness. I vowed to become FREE. I set out to blaze a personal trail. Once I started blazing this trail, I decided that I wanted to share this trail with others. A trail that has changed the way I think and feel.

This trail lead me to create my Freedom Blueprint Coaching Program designed to show you the specifics on how I made freedom into a lifestyle and many of the tools I have used to help countless others.

This program is AWESOME, if I do say so myself. Results have been truly inspiring. You can click here and start blazing your trail to freedom. Unless of course, you are okay with letting your circumstances dictate your happiness.

I’ve lived both ways and I can tell you whole-heartedly, emotional and mental freedom is SO MUCH BETTER than being dragged around by life!

Honored to help you blaze your trail!

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