A sailing metaphor feels appropriate for this although I must admit, I do not sail and have not sailed much before!!  I guess my imagination will really have to carry me with this one!!

What I do know is that for a sailboat you need wind to propel you forward.  This theory is akin to life.  Sometimes we feel a huge wind in our sails and the boat that is you sails very smoothly and quickly.  Then there are other times, times when there is absolutely no wind and your boat may feel stuck.  What may be even worse is being stuck out at sea with no wind feeling as if you are in the middle of no where; no land in sight.

So what do you do in these times where there isn’t life’s wind to propel you forward?

Here are a list of possibilities stated very simply:

1) Trust that there will be wind once again.

2) Get creative.  There are more ways to move forward and get to where you want to go than the obvious

3) Ask for help.  This doesn’t mean the boat is weak just because it may need more than one person to get it back sailing again.

4) Last but not least, if you know where you want to go and you are not moving at all, you can get out the oars and row!!

Forward movement is of course desired.  However, even backward or linear motion may serve a purpose in your life so make sure not to judge the directions you have moved in.  Judging yourself does NOT help.  It actually acts as an anchor to either keep you in place or may even sink you ship.  We don’t want that!!   Hold steadfast to the direction you want to move in.

Trust for the wind in your life to come.  Believe that it is there.  Get creative using your resources. If you are still having trouble, ask for help.

If things aren’t going the way that you want them to and you believe in where you want to go then do not give up and start moving closer to your destination.  Once you have moved even a little bit closer….the destination does not seem as far!