I’m sitting here in my Christmas pajamas (yes, I know it’s well after Christmas) but truthfully, they are the only ones I have, so I’m happily comfortable and sitting down at night in a quiet house reflecting.

It’s been a big week. The current climate seems to be one of a little less confusion and devastation. Oprah’s speech delivered at the Golden Globes sent shock waves of hope, renewal, enthusiasm and empowered action to many around the world. Her message stretching well beyond sexual harassment, assault or discrimination. #NeverAgain was a decree, a line in the sand for unacceptable. A statement that, in my opinion, should be said across many cultures, in many races, in many countries, for many circumstances.

I was cheering.

I was crying.

I was captivated.

I hung on every word. Each syllable gracefully flew out of her mouth as if her words were music notes playing a melody created by one of the timeless greats. My heart sang, while beating to the rhythm of truth. YES TRUTH. Her truth. And while it may not be everybody’s truth, she was the embodied example of what she spoke: “This is what I know for sure: speaking your truth is the most powerful thing you can do.”

She went on, “A new day is on the horizon…” I believe that what she was saying is true. Not because she is Oprah, but because I already feel this way. Truth reverberated throughout my body and in that moment, like many others, connected to possibility. Many possibilities for that matter. Possibility for change. REAL CHANGE. Historical change. Perhaps evolutionary change that springs consciousness forward.

Taking my cue from Oprah, here is what I know for sure: This type of change WILL NOT HAPPEN IF WE DON’T MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The stardust of Oprah’s soul-affirming speech is settling. The real work lies within us. Picking up the ley lines of responsibility on how we contribute to what we don’t like seeing yet we may do in some form, on a daily basis.

Now, I may not like to admit this, but how often do I hide? How often do I not speak my truth? How many times have I harassed or assaulted myself mentally for being “not enough” or too little of this or terrible for that. How often do I forget to hold steadfast to the vision that “a new day is on the horizon” because I’m in fear of what is in front of me right now? 

Oprah, thank you for being the beacon of light that you are. You have helped this planet so much. But, you alone cannot force this new day to happen. Rather, you appear as the conductor that reminds everyone of the instrument they are playing and what song they are creating from it. We are all powerful instruments. You are making a song each and every day, whether you hear the music or not. Other people hear it. The planet feels it. Each note riding on a stave of vibratory resonance, invisibly creating harmony, or disharmony.

Now is the time to realize that the music you put out into the world is YOUR responsibility. The music you choose to listen to is the energy that fills you up, either helping you to grow and change or stay stuck in the heaviness of unawareness. What you do, how you do it, and who you are—it matters. Speaking your truth and setting yourself free—it matters. Drawing a line in the sand and saying #NeverAgain when something is unacceptable—that’s courage. Become clear about what type of world you want to live in, and then think, act, speak, and sing according to the new day you want on the horizon—that is change.

What type of world are you choosing to create?

Note: There is a lot of backlash that Oprah is getting so I want to address this. People like Seal are saying she was part of the problem because she knew what was going on for years.

My reaction: I have no idea what she knew or what she didn’t know. I think it’s easy to vilify someone, whether it’s the men who are committing the acts or the woman subjecting themselves (or being subjected to it) as well as the women who speak out against it. I guess in the end, there is always an enemy. Sad, but true. If Oprah needs to be the enemy for a bit, I’m sure she can take it. Someone is either a part of the problem or part of the solution. It’s too easy to point fingers and say, “You are part of the problem.” There are so many unknowns, but I commend anyone who and when they switch over to being a part of the solution. We can vilify or blame till the cows come home, but if we are present with what is, at least ask the question: “Did her speech help? Or hurt?”
I welcome your thoughts in the comments!
​(Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC via Associated Press)