This is one of those times that I have so much to say, and yet nothing seems to be floating to the surface. 

But, since I have shared with you, many times, how important habits are (healthy ones because bad habits can wreak real havoc on your level of happiness, peace and success) I am staying in the habit of writing.

So, no plan here. 

I feel like that dream where you go in for the test, but you haven’t studied! 

I am breaking the blogging/writing rule and throwing away my authority because I’ve already started by showing you my poker hand! 

I’m a terrible bluffer. 

I don’t care though, because I know by now I can only be fully transparent. 

It’s what I want from our world’s leaders, our systems, our big businesses and in relationships. 

So, I’m willing to run naked in this email and let you know: I have no plan for what’s about to come out right now! 

Isn’t that okay, though? 

Even in challenging or scary situations, when we don’t know the outcome or the exact path forward, we still need to have the courage and willingness to move ahead, right? 

We may start a book and not know the end. 

Start a relationship and not know how it will wind up. 

As long as we have the courage to try and follow our heart, steeped in truth, I trust that it will get me to where I need to wind up. 

So, here we go…

I’ve never considered myself a leader. 

That was for other people. Powerful, outspoken, extremely confident ladies and gents who were head of the pack. 

I’ve been the more shy, silent one. 

Sure I had my share of cool in high school and in my twenties. I did well for myself, if you know what I mean. 

But I always saw a leader as the most popular one in high school that everyone listened to. 

How could I be a leader when, even though I was friendly with the cool crowd, I’d also go and hang out with the not-so-popular kinds and the ones considered to be the nerds? 

I didn’t want to play the game. I desired inclusivity for others, including myself. 

I wanted kindness. And to show kindness to others. 

I wonder if the people in my grade and school remembered this, or if I have distorted that just to make myself look good?!

I guess I did blaze a trail in my family by steering away from the family business and following my path to being a coach and consulting for people. 

In some ways, it was more out of survival and necessity at the time. There were many things I beat myself up for and hung my head low from because, in my mind, no way could I be a leader. 

Even in these last few years, I would never use the word leader to describe myself. Yes, I powerfully guide my clients in sessions and in groups. Yes, I teach curriculum for how to live a happier, more joy-filled life with less struggle. 



It’s only in the last matter of weeks that something dawned on me:

A leader is not always the most confident.

A leader is not always the coolest.

A leader is not the most popular. They may even go against the norm or status quo.

But a new definition emerged as I thought about leadership:

A leader follows what they believe in, even if they are looked at differently.

A leader has the courage to be themselves, fully.

A leader doesn’t have to be a guru, the most successful, or a know-it-all. They just have to know when they need help and be bold enough to ask for it.

A leader learns to trust themselves, their instincts, intuition, and strive for continued self-awareness. 

A leader is okay leading with heart, knowing that leading with too much mind, manipulation, power or bravado will not take us into a better future. 

This is who I want to be led by. 

This type of leader is who I am here to serve. To coach. To help them walk in the world making a massive difference. 

I am no longer interested in helping my old definition of what I thought a leader was. 

I want to help the leaders that will help heal, grow and change our planet for the better. 

That’s who I am here to serve. That’s who I am here to help. 

That is who…gulp…I AM. 

As this leader who is here to help others become the strongest leaders in their own lives, I fully acknowledge that I don’t know everything. I have much to learn. I am humble enough to know when I am being short-sided, stubborn or not on the mark. 

So why am I writing this right now, at this time? 

Since I had no idea this was going to pour out (frankly, I’m shocked and this feels slightly self-indulgent) I followed my intuition and this is what presented itself. So, I must follow, cause when I don’t, I am led astray. Trust is my H20.

This is coming up now, I believe, because it’s time for YOU to claim being the leader in your life. 

Not someone else. 

Not someone else’s way. 

Not imitating or going along with an old pattern, doing exactly as you’re told, what you “should” do, family dynamic, past image of yourself or way of being. 

It’s time to Forge a new road.

Where you get to lead the way you want to be led by the other so called leaders and decision makers on this planet. 

You ARE this decision maker in your life. It’s time for you to lead. It’s time for you to become the HERO: 

The Black Panther, Neo in the Matrix, Superwoman, Captain Marvel. 

It’s time for you to have the complete courage to be yourself.

It’s time that you own all of your gifts, and your perceived flaws. 

It’s time for you to start creating the world that you want to live in. If it’s not being done, we need to do it. 

Feels strange to say, but now I say this out loud after writing this at 10:00 pm at night in a quiet house while all others are asleep – I AM A LEADER. 

Can you say it? I AM A LEADER.

As one, it’s my job to own it, flaws and all. OWN it. Say it. Write it. Know it. Model it and lead, by example.


If you’ve read this far, you have decided to receive this message! 

So, where in your life can you exhibit the qualities that make you the leader you want to see? You don’t have to use my definition, define it for yourself.

Be the leader.

Own it.

Become what you already are.

Let’s stand together and create the world we want to see.