I don’t have enough time…

I can’t afford that right now….

I will start when things calm down a little…

There is no way I could ever do that….

Have you said this too many times over the years with the same outcome happening over and over again—your unmet goal is like Baby being put in the corner (for those of you under 38, you may have no clue what this reference means!) 

Someone has to advocate for Baby never to be put into a corner. My hope in you reading this is that you become that advocate.

The four statements above are just some of the thoughts you might be negotiating with yourself when it comes to your goals. Your goals are important. In fact, most of them are mandatory when it comes to your level of fulfilment, daily happiness and the feeling of living with purpose. 

Goals and dreams are leaders!! 

They themselves may not know how to self execute, but they stand for and hold the promise of a bigger brighter future for you and others around you. 

  • So why are they so easily shooed away? 
  • Put on the back burner? 
  • Treated as though they aren’t important enough?

Because somewhere along the line, you have okayed this!!

You have bought into the idea that your goals and dreams aren’t worth enough to fight for. To change and rearrange things in your life around so that you can nurture these goals which lead you somewhere new.


Yes, I said nurture because attaining and achieving alone doesn’t necessitate happiness, it can be a never-ending treadmill. Nurturing creates more harmony and brings the environment into more homeostasis.

Take a plant: nurturing gives the plant the best possibility and creates the right environment to grow. It’s more about creating the right conditions and environment than it is about just achieving by any means necessary. 


They are excuses. OH NO!!! I said the dreaded word. But before you go all crazy self-judgy on yourself, hear me out:

Excuses are really just self-limiting beliefs that you have empowered and practiced so that they become actualized reasons that aren’t necessarily true, but they become easy scapegoats that you believe to be true. 

The amount of clients I have worked with over the years who have proved self-limiting beliefs wrong, both astounds and humbles me! 

It’s given me strength and confidence to really be able to see through some of the BS that we tell ourselves. 

And let’s call it what it is: Not an excuse, not a self-limiting belief but many times, IT’S BS!!! 

I see it disproven everyday with clients. It’s not a fluke or one time coincidence. It’s repeatable. 

Not enough time is really just not prioritizing well because there is always a little time for social media, Netflix, and being less efficient with the time you have. This can be adjusted and time can be a friend, not an enemy. 



This is a BIG ONE! We all make financial choices. 

But when people say, “I can’t afford to start working toward my goals right now,” this means they have not prioritized their goals enough. 

Parents are exceptional at spending money on their kids, which is lovely and parents, please don’t stop doing this! But if you are doing it for other people all the time and sacrificing your needs in the process, this leads to problems down the road for both your children and for you, your happiness, your partnership, etc…

There is also something to be said about a happy home which means, you as a parent are taken care of too, not just happy kids but miserable parents!

Children are sponges and pick up on everything.

When you are unhappy, THEY FEEL IT. So investing in a need that you have or displaying self-care, models for them how to be responsible for your own happiness.

It can seem easy to spend money on Starbucks, eating out at restaurants or buying other things you don’t really need and then turn around and NOT invest in yourself. 

Latte’s are good but they will not make you feel purposeful. No one sat on their deathbed and said, “I wish I had more latte’s!

We have to STOP searching for external things to fill us up expecting they will bring the feelings we want to have on a daily basis. 

STUFF doesn’t make you happy. It may seem like it does, just like the dopamine hit when you check your dings and pings on your phone but data and science prove otherwise. These bring temporary excitement, stimulation and feel good drugs to your body but it’s fleeting and the cycle repeats and moves onto the next item of fancy.

If you have a goal for;

  • Improved mental health, physical health and emotional health
  • Being of service
  • Giving back 
  • Growing from where you are right now

Then your goal and you, DESERVE each other!!

You deserve to prioritize it because when you do, you become a more expansive, happier person. Your confidence goes up, you feel less down, less stressed and more alive. 

I don’t know about you but all those things I just listed are my goals each and every day. 

And if none of those are on your list, please feel free to borrow them, they are FREE TO ALL!! 

So, are you ready to invest in yourself?

  • Are you ready to invest time, attention, funds and energy into your goals?
  • Are you ready to be the recipient of what you get as a result of prioritizing yourself and your happiness more in your life?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, that means you are ready to come out of the corner, advocate for your fulfilment and stop listening to BS, limiting beliefs. 

And now…it’s time to get creative and start the mission of #MyGoalsandDreamsAreImportant

Let’s PLAY BIG, CREATE BIG and remember that small is only a frame of mind. Please don’t settle for anything less than the possibility of AMAZING!