I have yet to meet anyone who does not have recurring patterns in their lives.  Being a Life Coach, I work with people on a daily basis around shifting patterns from old to new.  Do you have any patterns in your life that you notice?  Any that you want to change? 

These patterns are the “old faithful” way of doing things. They become that smooth groove in a record that keeps playing the same song and even though you might really want something different, that groove feels comfortable to slip into.  This may be all well and fine if  you are ok with your old patterns.  The truth is we want something different.  Heck, some of you down right demand that things change yet you keep on repeating the same patterns over and over, then wonder why nothing is changing.  Have you ever been there?  Are you there now?

The way that hasn’t worked for you before, probably isn’t going to work for you now.  If you keep seeing the same thing in your life, chances are you are doing the same things that you have always done to perpetuate the pattern.  Have you ever kept knocking on that same proverbial door hoping the same person will show up differently then they always do?  Taking the same path that you have been taking and winding up with the same result?  News Flash.  “IT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE!”  Hear it.  Feel it.  Take this in.  Breathe it all in and get really well acquainted with this concept for this is simply on repeat mode keeping you stuck where you are at.   When you can fully accept this, you can  move on to the healing in you that needs to take place.

These old patterns can be addictions, lovers, friendships, ways in which you act to protect yourself, judging yourself, telling yourself the lie that you are not good enough.  The list goes on and on.  One of the ways to break old patterns (and I know it is so very simple sounding) is to do something different.  Literally, take a different action, think a different thought, say something different, embody a different energy in order to break the cycle of an old pattern.  Once you have done something different than you normally do, you show yourself you are not stuck.  Then comes the practice of implementing new patterns that work for the desired outcome.

We are in the time now for empowerment.  Step out of an old pattern that doesn’t serve you anymore.  Step into patterns that align yourself with where you want to be.  It’s basic math.  Keep it simple.  Practice often.  Most importantly, know that you have all the components of the most special person you have ever known.  If you have seen someone and recognized greatness, recognized a light that shone inside of that person, then there is good news.  You have that same spark.  You have that same light inside of you otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it.  Know that you already are all of the things you so desire.  Become more of who you already are.

That is the type of thought and belief that will enable you to feel the wholeness of you.  In wholeness, there is no separation….