Being Sensitive Can Be Your SUPERPOWER!

Join the Sensitive Path to Success Online Program to Master Your Empathic Gifts without Draining Your Own Energy!
The Sensitive Path to Success Program
Online group class and private coaching program with Randy Spelling! Learn the tools and techniques you need to master your intutive, empathic gifts and then teach them to others!
Better Boundaries!
As a sensitive person, it’s easy to let others (and yourself!) cross your own boundaries. It can feel scary or confrontational to manage them. Discover the joyful way to set and keep the boundaries that you need to thrive as an empathic person!
More Energy!
When your energy isn’t being drained by anxiety, emotional heaviness, or second-guessing yourselve, your natural energy reserves will turn on and you’ll finally have the passion and drive to go for what you really want in life! You don’t have to be bogged down in old emotions or other people’s drama anymore!
Take Care of YOU!

Highy-sensitive people are often givers. They have huge hearts and a desire to serve others. But this can quickly become exhausting if it flips to people-pleasing and overextending. Return to caring for yourself as lovingly as you do others!

Does this Sound Familiar?


  • You easily pick up on other people’s energy and get “stuck” carrying it around?


  • Constantly battle anxious, fearful thoughts that never seem to turn off? 


  • You feel overhwhelmed, fatigued, or constantly “drained” for no obvious reason? 


  • Struggle to say “no” to others and give to everyone but yourself?


  • Wish you could find the self-confidence to take that next step in your career or business, but can’t seem to find it?


  • Want to feel freer, easier, and happier in your own life doing things you love with people who uplift you?
That’s Because you Experience the World in a Sensitive and Empathic Way!
For those of you who are more introverted, in touch with your emotions, and have big hearts—life can sometimes feel challenging, overwhelming, and difficult to process. Sensitive people can struggle to see their value and how to bring their gifts out into the world. You are the caretakers—supporting everybody else and putting their needs first, before your own. The steps it takes to live and grow a business might seem easy for others, while it feels challenging for you. You may even feel pretty lonely or isolated at times.

“I was a hot mess of overwhelm. And frozen in inaction. From one extreme to the other! Unbalanced energy. I had a lost sense of self. Forgotten who I was trying to find my place in everything. Forgetting who I was in so many ways over the past couple of years. (This program) was a rebirth of self.”

– Alison
SPS Alumni Student

Hi, I’m Randy…

“I help sensitive and empathic people to move from fear and uncertainty to using their talents and gifts to serve the world in a huge way while honoring who they are in the process. I’ve spent a lot of time running…hiding…even hating my spiritual gifts as an empathic, sensitive man. It’s only when I embraced this wonderful aspect of myself, did life start opening up to me in new ways.  I was able to write a book, become a speaker and teacher, travel to lead workshops and get paid for doing the meaningful work I love—guiding people’s transformation from struggle to success.”

The Sensitive Path to Success Program helps individuals just like you live a more fulfilled and happy with the special gifts you were born with!


What if Being Sensitive Was Way Easier? What if you could…
  • See your perceived weaknesses as strengths and utilize them as gifts?
  • Stop judging yourself and working against what you want. Start loving yourself and become your greatest ally?
  • Learn to harness all that you’ve experienced to find your unique path to success?
  • Know your worth, value who you are, and be a model of truth for others?
  • Live from a place of joy, purpose, and authenticity?
  • Finally create what you want in your life and your business?
  • Learn to say NO to the wrong things and YES to the right ones!?
  • Feel more confident, make more money, exude more happiness?
The Sensitive Path to Success Program
If you identified with any of the above, if you cannot seem to create success for yourself, if you are craving to show up more authentically in the world, and if you are searching for a safe environment filled with nurturing people to grow with — this program is for you!

Create Exactly what you Want in your Life!

Mastering your own empathic gifts in a group environment is tremendously nurturing, supportive, and effective. Research shows that people who have a similar identity and sense of shared purpose meet their goals much faster. This will be no exception!

Get Started Now!

Who is this Group for?
This group is perfect for natural empaths – people who want the best for others and feel a personal mission to help the planet. Intuitives. Those of you who have been told “You’re too sensitive.” People who feel they have a deep message and mission, but need a little help bringing it out to the world because they have struggled to fully show themselves to the world.

How it Works

  • Embrace your sensitivity and learn how to use your natural ways of being to your advantage
  • Own your power
  • Set boundaries. Say “no” to the wrong things and “yes” to the right ones
  • Break patterns that no longer serve what you want for your life
  • Be challenged and stretched to shine your light in ways you are not seeing
  • Gain life-long tools and friendships!
  • Learn how to set powerful goals. Define and actually EXPERIENCE the success you crave by building a road map for your future
  • Create daily habits to help you live from a place of purpose and freedom
  • Get the tools you need to live a self-aware life that makes engaging with the world pleasurable
  • Harness the power of the group environment. Find the support, love, and safety you’ve been craving to grow into your Best Self

What’s Included?

Your Sensitive Path to Success 9-Month Program includes:


Live Video Calls

Two live video calls with Randy and the community every month. These calls are a combination of training and round-table coaching in a warm, playful environment. (Yes, they’ll be recorded for you to re-listen if you miss a sesh!)

Guided Group Activities

Guided group activities to help you set goals and intentions, track your progress, and learn Randy’s favorite tools for living an empowered life as a sensitive person!

Private Facebook Group

A private Facebook group for you to connect with your new sensitive friends, have access to Randy, ask questions and celebrate your triumphs. Community is essential for sensitives and this tribe is the space for you!


Private 1:1 Coaching

As part of the Sensitive Success Community, you will get three 30 minute coaching vouchers to use with me at any point throughout the program.
(Value of $750!)

Early Access VIP

In addition, you will have first access to all of Randy’s future workshops, group programs, VIP Days, Private Retreats, and other offerings FIRST before they are shared with the general public giving you a chance to claim first dibs!

Now I’m just able to be myself. The way I am. And I’m open to whatever reaction I get. And I don’t worry about it.”

– Robyn
SPS Alumni Student


If you are not feelin’ the magic after the first month of participating in the group, I will gladly refund your first month’s payment! However, it’s important to note that there are some amazing things in store for you through the year so I invite you to commit to the journey see your life transform! This is a marathon – not a sprint. And your best value will come when you show up fully and authentically, following your wise internal process that will unfold throughout the year.


Are you Ready to Find your Path to Success?


“At the beginning I was kind of embarrassed that I was such a sensitive person. And I didn’t like that part of me and I wished I wasn’t such a sensitive person. I thought this group would be more how to tone it down. My perception of it was that it was a bad thing. That was the main thing that I learned – that’s just how I am and that’s how lots of people are. And if you don’t like me, tough sh*t – that’s just how I am and that’s OK!”

– Sue
SPS Alumni Student

Act Now to Claim a Seat!

If you are ready to unleash the magic of your sensitive gifts and use it to transform your life and world – you must apply NOW to request a seat! Space is limited to 10 students, so get your application in now!

If you feel your intuition nudging you forward! I’ll be reviewing and contacting applicants who are a good fit this week!


“I was struggling for a while. And I did look for help. For therapy before. It just never worked for me…I was hesitating to do a group..I had never done a group like this before because I don’t like to share. I like to keep everything to myself. So I wasn’t sure if that was going to work for me. But I was willing to give it a try.”
– Cristy
SPS Alumni Student

Parting Words from Me

You are always on the right path. Exactly where you are supposed to be. And whether you work with me, or someone else, I have the utmost confidence that you will get where you need to go. Every time. But if the Universe is knocking on your door, please open it. She only starts knocking louder and more insistently! Trust me, I’ve been down that road.;)

This support network could be the key that unlocks your next level of joy, passion, purpose, and success. I’m rooting for you and am in awe of your incredible potential. Hope to see you inside the group!

Apply to the Program

Apply now and request your seat for access to this amazing journey!

Love, Randy